Monday, July 27, 2015

monday musings.

mondays are tough.
especially mondays after a perfectly grand vacation in the california sun with thee ones i love most in this world.
{but more on that later}

today my mind is wandering in no particular order:

facebook wedding groups. 
i don't respond to them. 
if you don't know me well enough to have my number and text me for my address, i probably shouldn't be invited to your wedding.
{please note: i'm just super old-lady-old-fashioned and it's okay if you're rolling your eyes at me right now, i also don't believe in wedding invitations with computer printed labels so...i'll just go sit at my own lunch table now.}

i broke up with delta airlines last night. 
after a plane with a broken engine, no gas, no air conditioning and a duck-taped tray table, i'm feeling pretty confident about my decision.

diet coke.
still my nectar of life.

 salt lake.

i love living in a city.
{i always put "slash-town" because i don't think new yorkers would call what we have here a city.}
anywhoo, i love it here, minus the ill-timed lights and the damn trax that is always ruining my walking girl groove.

i'm willing to hire someone who looks like me and talks like me and has a pretty decent hair flip down to start going on first dates for me. then i will just jump in once you have weeded all the truly bad ones out. like i told my mother last week, it's pretty much like a job interview with food attached. 

nordstrom anniversary sale.
i haven't touched it this year! 
i'm in this grown-up phase of life called "budgeting & planning ahead"...considering you can see nordstrom from my bedroom window i feel i have earned a reward for this kind of self control. except my reward is usually going to nordstrom. #circleoflife 


can i gush for a milli-second? 
this month i get to:
go back to ca & be in my bestie's wedding.
have my bffffff come stay with me for a week
have my chi-town bestie come stay with me for a weekend.
have my mom come into town.
go see taylor swift with above referenced mother.
okay, july...i'm sorta done with you now.


{photo via pinterest}

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