Sunday, July 19, 2015

let's dance.

so this happened yesterday...

now, i didn't tell anyone,
 {not even my mother}  
that i had applied for this a few weeks back.
because contrary to popular belief there is still a tiny part of me that fears rejection.
and i didn't want anyone to:
a) know i was reaching THIS high on the ladder,
b) feel sorry for me if it didn't pan out.

even more of a story?
i was climbing to the middle of nowhere on the elliptical yesterday when i got an email from Cameron's team manager asking me if i had received the email to join the team and if i would be able to help.
ummm...let's talk about junk mail settings for a minute?
because that's exactly where the email from her had gone FIVE days earlier.
so after i got over what an absolute technological failure i appeared to be 
{ironic considering this position is about being technilogically saavy}
i emailed her back with apologies & acceptance.

needless to say i'm pretty jazzed.
i mean, who didn't want to be dj tanner growing up?
but also, i have long admired this lady and her ability to navigate our messy world with nothing less than class.
{and, of course, a little bit of sass}

 y'all can check out news on the book, 
which hits stores august 1st,
and even better, read the first chapter {here}.

so put on your dancin' shoes,
and bounce back for more updates and fun news.

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