Sunday, July 26, 2015

i've got a blank space, baby.

welcome new & old friends.
now that yours truly is back to blogging, 
i've been asked on numerous occasions about this space becoming a style blog.
fashion certainly has always been an integral part of my personality,
and while i will share plenty of outfits and such,
{because who doesn't love a good skirt?}
this is not, and most likely will not ever be, a style blog.
this is also not a sponsored blog.
anything i rave on and on about here is 100% because i love it, 
not because someone is loving me to love it.

so, what is this then?
one part a way of my mother knowing i'm still alive out here in my teeny, tiny, city/town that i live in.
and one part a way of sharing positivity from my tiny corner of the world, 
while still keeping certain parts of my life off limits.

because if there is one thing our society is far too comfy with these days,
it's the idea of over-sharing personal information across the social media board.
i'm a fairly private gal and intend on keeping it that way.

so here's a cheers to a new chapter in thee bergdorf life.
feel free to always express opinions and thoughts,
even if they do not coincide with mine.
however, as my new favorite saying would state:
keep it pretty, please.


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