Tuesday, July 28, 2015

honestly though...

i have finally come to the realization that i am literally allergic to utah.
while my mind has finally accepted the fact that i moved back here,
{it still makes me a little nauseated to admit}
my body remains in full rejection mode.

so after my worst day of non-stop scratching & itching yet,
i did what any 21st century gal would do and took to twitter to ask what the best get-rid-of-that-itch-fast cure was.
one of my favorite twitter birdies let me in on her love for the honest co.
 i mean, i can't lie, my celebrity culture lovin' self has been dying to try these products, 
they just are usually more relevant to ladies with children.
but, aha!, this was my perfect excuse.
so i hopped on over to target, 
wandered the baby aisle, 
handed over my $10, 
and lathered my life in this face + body lotion before going to bed that night.
{it smells so fresh & yummy be sure to allow plenty of time to just sniff the bottle}
{no lie} 

i woke up the next morning without an itch in site.
and bonus, the consistency is so thin and smooth that a little bit truly goes a long way.
{for those of you who cringed at the price tag}
no surprise that jessica alba really knows what she is doing.
must be something with that first name...

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