Tuesday, July 28, 2015

honestly though...

i have finally come to the realization that i am literally allergic to utah.
while my mind has finally accepted the fact that i moved back here,
{it still makes me a little nauseated to admit}
my body remains in full rejection mode.

so after my worst day of non-stop scratching & itching yet,
i did what any 21st century gal would do and took to twitter to ask what the best get-rid-of-that-itch-fast cure was.
one of my favorite twitter birdies let me in on her love for the honest co.
 i mean, i can't lie, my celebrity culture lovin' self has been dying to try these products, 
they just are usually more relevant to ladies with children.
but, aha!, this was my perfect excuse.
so i hopped on over to target, 
wandered the baby aisle, 
handed over my $10, 
and lathered my life in this face + body lotion before going to bed that night.
{it smells so fresh & yummy be sure to allow plenty of time to just sniff the bottle}
{no lie} 

i woke up the next morning without an itch in site.
and bonus, the consistency is so thin and smooth that a little bit truly goes a long way.
{for those of you who cringed at the price tag}
no surprise that jessica alba really knows what she is doing.
must be something with that first name...

Monday, July 27, 2015

monday musings.

mondays are tough.
especially mondays after a perfectly grand vacation in the california sun with thee ones i love most in this world.
{but more on that later}

today my mind is wandering in no particular order:

facebook wedding groups. 
i don't respond to them. 
if you don't know me well enough to have my number and text me for my address, i probably shouldn't be invited to your wedding.
{please note: i'm just super old-lady-old-fashioned and it's okay if you're rolling your eyes at me right now, i also don't believe in wedding invitations with computer printed labels so...i'll just go sit at my own lunch table now.}

i broke up with delta airlines last night. 
after a plane with a broken engine, no gas, no air conditioning and a duck-taped tray table, i'm feeling pretty confident about my decision.

diet coke.
still my nectar of life.

 salt lake.

i love living in a city.
{i always put "slash-town" because i don't think new yorkers would call what we have here a city.}
anywhoo, i love it here, minus the ill-timed lights and the damn trax that is always ruining my walking girl groove.

i'm willing to hire someone who looks like me and talks like me and has a pretty decent hair flip down to start going on first dates for me. then i will just jump in once you have weeded all the truly bad ones out. like i told my mother last week, it's pretty much like a job interview with food attached. 

nordstrom anniversary sale.
i haven't touched it this year! 
i'm in this grown-up phase of life called "budgeting & planning ahead"...considering you can see nordstrom from my bedroom window i feel i have earned a reward for this kind of self control. except my reward is usually going to nordstrom. #circleoflife 


can i gush for a milli-second? 
this month i get to:
go back to ca & be in my bestie's wedding.
have my bffffff come stay with me for a week
have my chi-town bestie come stay with me for a weekend.
have my mom come into town.
go see taylor swift with above referenced mother.
okay, july...i'm sorta done with you now.


{photo via pinterest}

Sunday, July 26, 2015

i've got a blank space, baby.

welcome new & old friends.
now that yours truly is back to blogging, 
i've been asked on numerous occasions about this space becoming a style blog.
fashion certainly has always been an integral part of my personality,
and while i will share plenty of outfits and such,
{because who doesn't love a good skirt?}
this is not, and most likely will not ever be, a style blog.
this is also not a sponsored blog.
anything i rave on and on about here is 100% because i love it, 
not because someone is loving me to love it.

so, what is this then?
one part a way of my mother knowing i'm still alive out here in my teeny, tiny, city/town that i live in.
and one part a way of sharing positivity from my tiny corner of the world, 
while still keeping certain parts of my life off limits.

because if there is one thing our society is far too comfy with these days,
it's the idea of over-sharing personal information across the social media board.
i'm a fairly private gal and intend on keeping it that way.

so here's a cheers to a new chapter in thee bergdorf life.
feel free to always express opinions and thoughts,
even if they do not coincide with mine.
however, as my new favorite saying would state:
keep it pretty, please.


Monday, July 20, 2015

no makeup monday.

{no makeup. no filter. insert confused emoji here.} 

when your bestie is getting married in 3 weeks,
and you have to stand in front of everyone in thee prettiest cream cocktail dress 
nordstrom has released this year,
and it's like a gathering of so-cal's beautiful of beautiful people,
you have to take certain life measures to ensure bridesmaid success:

2 eliptical seshies a day. 
{who invented the idea of climbing to nowhere?}
tomato snacks all around. 
{gag me}
only curl your hair once a week.
{this is tough because my natural hair is naturally awful}
wear the least amount of makeup possible to give that summah-time skin room to breathe.
{i feel a bit granola-y}
and drink more water than diet coke.
{my body has no idea what's going on, really}

on the super bright side,
sleeping in every morning is a good trade.
and very few people in this world love a good wedding more than moi.

can't wait to party the weekend away j & b.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

let's dance.

so this happened yesterday...

now, i didn't tell anyone,
 {not even my mother}  
that i had applied for this a few weeks back.
because contrary to popular belief there is still a tiny part of me that fears rejection.
and i didn't want anyone to:
a) know i was reaching THIS high on the ladder,
b) feel sorry for me if it didn't pan out.

even more of a story?
i was climbing to the middle of nowhere on the elliptical yesterday when i got an email from Cameron's team manager asking me if i had received the email to join the team and if i would be able to help.
ummm...let's talk about junk mail settings for a minute?
because that's exactly where the email from her had gone FIVE days earlier.
so after i got over what an absolute technological failure i appeared to be 
{ironic considering this position is about being technilogically saavy}
i emailed her back with apologies & acceptance.

needless to say i'm pretty jazzed.
i mean, who didn't want to be dj tanner growing up?
but also, i have long admired this lady and her ability to navigate our messy world with nothing less than class.
{and, of course, a little bit of sass}

 y'all can check out news on the book, 
which hits stores august 1st,
and even better, read the first chapter {here}.

so put on your dancin' shoes,
and bounce back for more updates and fun news.

Friday, July 3, 2015

thee literary walk of shame.

i'm somewhat sheepish in saying,
it only took me living here for 9 months to figure out how to actually explore this place.
in my defense, we experienced below frigid temperatures for like, 8 1/2 of those months,
and i don't really do weather i can't wear high heels in.

so while i now may die of heat stroke from doing so, 
i'm determined to spend my summer out in the city.
my most recent discovery being the city library.
and while i will be the first to tell you salt lake is nowhere near being at the top of the list in any category as far as functional cities may be concerned,
{i'm convinced this would be the place new yorkers go to die} 
these people DO know how to build a library.

let's begin with this view.
 now, along with this view you will also have the opportunity to be serenaded by a homeless person at any given time.
step into the book store.
grab a snack at the cafe.
or change up those hairs at the salon.
yes, my library has a SALON.
{take that nyc}

this has become my current happy place for all sorts of fun.
except today.
as today i was the entertainment.

i ran over to the library real quick after work,
{yes, i'm a workaholic}
 to grab a book i had put on hold.
and while the book has a somewhat suggestive title,
i swear on chanel that it's not what you're thinking.

however, as i tried to whisper,
 {i mean, it's a library people!} 
the title to the concierge so he could grab it from the hold shelf,
he decided it would be best to LOUDLY announce the title of the book to the entire reading section of the library.

now, in case you've been under a log for the past forever,
the population of this city of mine is quite conservative,
leaving me to do a literary walk of shame out the front door.
and with the looks i got,
it might as well have been 50 Shades of Grey.
which, for the record please let me remind you,
it is not.

next time,
i think i'll just stick to the floor with my homeless friends who sing.
happy reading, y'all!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

oh, hi.

took a much needed break from pouring my soul over the internet,
to instead pour my soul into the real world.
but i'm finally back in {not} black,
with a few new tricks up my ruffled sleeves.