Thursday, February 12, 2015

you've got the love.

music has always played a huge role in my life.
growing up i was the girl saving her allowance money for a new cd release every tuesday.
and an itunes gift of anything is a dead giveaway to perfection in my world.

there's this song, that aside from anything katy perry has ever offered our world, is my favorite song of all time.
you know those kinds of songs where when you hear the first chord your mood instinctively lifts about 20 levels? of those.

you've got the love by the source.
the first time i ever heard it was while watching the last episode of sex and the city.
it's the song that chimes in the second carrie surprises the girls at the cafe and plays through her closing monologue.
{which is so on point with all things life someone needs to needle point that on an etsy pillow so we can all pay an overpriced fee to add it to our home collections.}

the next time i heard it was when i was living in scotland.
i was having a very rare, but very bad day.
so i took myself for a walk around my block.
{which happened to be the royal mile, nbd.}
while out, i walked into this scarf shop to try and find a scarf for my mom.
and what would ya know but this song flipped on the radio.
and suddenly all the second guessing i had about moving there washed away.
like a sign from carrie b herself.

theeennnnn, as if not some karmatic song for my life already,
what would play as the final song in the series finale of gossip girl?
yep, you guessed it. 
although this was the florence + the machine version,
{not my favorite}
it was still my song.
{which is my favorite}

because that's always been my favorite part of music.
the memories you can associate with certain melodies.
so whether it was in a dorm room my first year at college or half way across the world or sitting on a couch next to my mom,
this one always seems to have my back.
and my heart.
ps - it's perfect for valentine's day,
i might add.

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