Monday, February 16, 2015

wanna be my mcm?

apparently on mondays in the social media world, 
you are supposed to give a shout out to your "man crush".
this has never really made sense to me.
however, i watched the following video this morning,
and suddenly participating in mcm became, like, super necessary.

not only do i love a good made-for-tv prank.
but i also have a serious biased toward these two nhl'ers.
and are you ready for the real shocker?
neither of them are blackhawks.
they actually are the dynamic duo currently propelling the dallas stars to any sort of franchise success.
and the only reason there is even the tiniest stitch of that gosh awful texas green hanging in my closet
{santa brought me a seguin shirt...for which i am forever fangirl thankful} 
i know, i know...
that's real love if ever i've seen it.

a few thoughts:
1) jamie benn's mom is as precious {and patient} as pie.
2) "i think i just lost 20lbs" -- quote of the year.
3) every girl in north america wishes this hadn't been a joke,
so long as one of the girls had been them.

happy giggling.
and crushing.

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