Saturday, February 21, 2015

oh hot damn, this is my jam.

as was previously referenced this week,
music is the beat to my soul.
i can find a song for any situation, mood or day.
and despite the fact that my iPod seems to belong to a 12 year old in terms taste,
i'd like to think i can pull some good ones out of my princess hat when needed.

as was also previously referenced, 
this week has been a bit of a toughy in the romance department.
enter thee greatest breakup mix ever.
and because i love y'all so much,
i thought i would share it.
the good, the so bad it's good, the sad and the just plain perfect.

american girl - bonnie mckee
time machine - ingrid michaelson
same old same old - the civil wars 
best i ever had - gavin degraw
when a heart breaks - ben rector
he ain't gonna change - connie britton & hayden panettiere
best thing i never had - beyonce
ghost - katy perry
hold on to hope love - amy stroup
about a broken heart - kathryn ostenberg
i knew you were trouble - taylor swift
another dumb blonde - hoku
just one yesterday - fall out boy
rumor has it/someone like you - glee cast
wish you well - katie herzig
love, save the empty - erin mccarley
follow your arrow - kacey musgraves
i shall believe - sheryl crow
you are - kathryn ostenberg
all you had to do was stay - taylor swift
part of me - katy perry
these words - jill andrews
shake ya tailfeather - nelly
was there nothing? - asgeir
we were us - keith urban & miranda lambert
wide awake - katy perry
21 guns - american idiot broadway cast
roar - katy perry

and while yes,
i understand shake ya tailfeather isn't about matters of the heart,
i'd dare you to tell me you aren't in a 100% better mood after listening to it.
and that's what healing is all about, right?

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  1. Love you so much Sissy! Come to Florida for a few days.. XOXO