Sunday, February 15, 2015

a samantha jones valentine's day.

valentine's day is, without doubt, 
my 3rd favorite holiday of them all.
single or taken, you either spend the day loving yourself or someone else, 
and i'm not sorry, 
but in what world is that ever a bad thing?

however, when you start your week with a valentine and end it without one,
this holiday's spot on the charts becomes a bit shaky.
and for good reason, you really can't think back to a time you were happier to see sunday night come.
you also keep repeating in your mind the scene from sex and the city where samantha screams,
"happy ------ valentine's day" while throwing sushi at smith.
it happens, people.

despite the fabulous beginning to this week,
and it's less than fabulous past 24 hours,
this valentine's day reminded me of perhaps one of the greatest lessons of all.
love really is all around.
and often times in the places you least expect it.
and sometimes it's okay to just let people love you.
you don't have to conquer the world everyday.
i'm learning this about life.

bad news travels fast in my not-so-sleepy downtown building,
{i swear i live amongst thee coolest crew & neighbors in this city}
and in between a lot of tears, multiple one tree hill episodes and as much runny mascara as fake eyelashes allow,
my doorstep hasn't been this popular since i moved in.
this weekend has been a consistent showering of flowers, stuffed animals, cards, brownies, cupcakes, welcoming arms and, of course, diet coke.
love in all the best forms.
 from some of the best people.

so while i can't say this has been the best valentine's day ever,
it certainly has been one full of such unconditional love.
and i am reminded again of just how lucky i am to have the people in my life that i have.
an unshakable & unbreakable saftey net.
that only seems to grow stronger when i fall.

hope your weekend was full of sparkles & light & love & candy.
happy, happy love day all.

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