Saturday, February 21, 2015

oh hot damn, this is my jam.

as was previously referenced this week,
music is the beat to my soul.
i can find a song for any situation, mood or day.
and despite the fact that my iPod seems to belong to a 12 year old in terms taste,
i'd like to think i can pull some good ones out of my princess hat when needed.

as was also previously referenced, 
this week has been a bit of a toughy in the romance department.
enter thee greatest breakup mix ever.
and because i love y'all so much,
i thought i would share it.
the good, the so bad it's good, the sad and the just plain perfect.

american girl - bonnie mckee
time machine - ingrid michaelson
same old same old - the civil wars 
best i ever had - gavin degraw
when a heart breaks - ben rector
he ain't gonna change - connie britton & hayden panettiere
best thing i never had - beyonce
ghost - katy perry
hold on to hope love - amy stroup
about a broken heart - kathryn ostenberg
i knew you were trouble - taylor swift
another dumb blonde - hoku
just one yesterday - fall out boy
rumor has it/someone like you - glee cast
wish you well - katie herzig
love, save the empty - erin mccarley
follow your arrow - kacey musgraves
i shall believe - sheryl crow
you are - kathryn ostenberg
all you had to do was stay - taylor swift
part of me - katy perry
these words - jill andrews
shake ya tailfeather - nelly
was there nothing? - asgeir
we were us - keith urban & miranda lambert
wide awake - katy perry
21 guns - american idiot broadway cast
roar - katy perry

and while yes,
i understand shake ya tailfeather isn't about matters of the heart,
i'd dare you to tell me you aren't in a 100% better mood after listening to it.
and that's what healing is all about, right?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

you're welcome wednesday.

i. cannot. wait. to. see. this.
who's with me?

also, small mental note.
my love for blake lively has increased about 200% in the last few months.
i've always liked her because of gossip girl. duh.
but i can't lie,
i'm slightly obsessed with her new site, preserve.
and her husband. {another duh}
and her baby.
and her hair.
sooooo, basically her life.
{drops mic}

you're welcome.

Monday, February 16, 2015

wanna be my mcm?

apparently on mondays in the social media world, 
you are supposed to give a shout out to your "man crush".
this has never really made sense to me.
however, i watched the following video this morning,
and suddenly participating in mcm became, like, super necessary.

not only do i love a good made-for-tv prank.
but i also have a serious biased toward these two nhl'ers.
and are you ready for the real shocker?
neither of them are blackhawks.
they actually are the dynamic duo currently propelling the dallas stars to any sort of franchise success.
and the only reason there is even the tiniest stitch of that gosh awful texas green hanging in my closet
{santa brought me a seguin shirt...for which i am forever fangirl thankful} 
i know, i know...
that's real love if ever i've seen it.

a few thoughts:
1) jamie benn's mom is as precious {and patient} as pie.
2) "i think i just lost 20lbs" -- quote of the year.
3) every girl in north america wishes this hadn't been a joke,
so long as one of the girls had been them.

happy giggling.
and crushing.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

a samantha jones valentine's day.

valentine's day is, without doubt, 
my 3rd favorite holiday of them all.
single or taken, you either spend the day loving yourself or someone else, 
and i'm not sorry, 
but in what world is that ever a bad thing?

however, when you start your week with a valentine and end it without one,
this holiday's spot on the charts becomes a bit shaky.
and for good reason, you really can't think back to a time you were happier to see sunday night come.
you also keep repeating in your mind the scene from sex and the city where samantha screams,
"happy ------ valentine's day" while throwing sushi at smith.
it happens, people.

despite the fabulous beginning to this week,
and it's less than fabulous past 24 hours,
this valentine's day reminded me of perhaps one of the greatest lessons of all.
love really is all around.
and often times in the places you least expect it.
and sometimes it's okay to just let people love you.
you don't have to conquer the world everyday.
i'm learning this about life.

bad news travels fast in my not-so-sleepy downtown building,
{i swear i live amongst thee coolest crew & neighbors in this city}
and in between a lot of tears, multiple one tree hill episodes and as much runny mascara as fake eyelashes allow,
my doorstep hasn't been this popular since i moved in.
this weekend has been a consistent showering of flowers, stuffed animals, cards, brownies, cupcakes, welcoming arms and, of course, diet coke.
love in all the best forms.
 from some of the best people.

so while i can't say this has been the best valentine's day ever,
it certainly has been one full of such unconditional love.
and i am reminded again of just how lucky i am to have the people in my life that i have.
an unshakable & unbreakable saftey net.
that only seems to grow stronger when i fall.

hope your weekend was full of sparkles & light & love & candy.
happy, happy love day all.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

you've got the love.

music has always played a huge role in my life.
growing up i was the girl saving her allowance money for a new cd release every tuesday.
and an itunes gift of anything is a dead giveaway to perfection in my world.

there's this song, that aside from anything katy perry has ever offered our world, is my favorite song of all time.
you know those kinds of songs where when you hear the first chord your mood instinctively lifts about 20 levels? of those.

you've got the love by the source.
the first time i ever heard it was while watching the last episode of sex and the city.
it's the song that chimes in the second carrie surprises the girls at the cafe and plays through her closing monologue.
{which is so on point with all things life someone needs to needle point that on an etsy pillow so we can all pay an overpriced fee to add it to our home collections.}

the next time i heard it was when i was living in scotland.
i was having a very rare, but very bad day.
so i took myself for a walk around my block.
{which happened to be the royal mile, nbd.}
while out, i walked into this scarf shop to try and find a scarf for my mom.
and what would ya know but this song flipped on the radio.
and suddenly all the second guessing i had about moving there washed away.
like a sign from carrie b herself.

theeennnnn, as if not some karmatic song for my life already,
what would play as the final song in the series finale of gossip girl?
yep, you guessed it. 
although this was the florence + the machine version,
{not my favorite}
it was still my song.
{which is my favorite}

because that's always been my favorite part of music.
the memories you can associate with certain melodies.
so whether it was in a dorm room my first year at college or half way across the world or sitting on a couch next to my mom,
this one always seems to have my back.
and my heart.
ps - it's perfect for valentine's day,
i might add.