Saturday, January 17, 2015

my {not so} dirty little secret.

i was sitting in a restaurant during my first hours back in utah when i was approached by a young girl.
she was super precious.
she also said her mother told her to come over and ask me where i get my hair done.
and so it began...
the question i, literally, am asked 4-5 times per week. 

so i'm gonna let you all in on my favorite secret of all.
unfortunately for those in this city who ask, my wizard with scissors is not local.
fortunately for those of you in california, she is!
 and thankfully for all, you can now follow her on instagram regardless of location.
no but really, did you press follow yet?

i am 99.9% sure no one else on this earth is as picky about their hair as yours truly.
in fact, despite the fact that coryne is family,
{she married that brother of mine}
it took me a good year before i let this doll go anywhere near my head with scissors.
trust issues, party of 1, right here.

now, i seriously cannot rave enough about her talent.
i searched the depths of southern ca for a good hair professional and this little missy comes in at the top against every test.
plus, after 60 seconds in her chair i promise you will want her to be your bestie forever.

this is one trend i don't mind anyone playing copycat on.

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