Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas eve.

this december has seriously been a wild ride,
full of mistakes & accomplishments & all those things that fall in between.
and while i still am not good enough to be of those people who are thankful for hardship,
{seriously, who is?}
i am glad certain experiences have come along to shape me during a time of year where gratitude begins to take precedence over all.

so today i am grateful.
for the lessons learned.
the people that never leave.
a family waiting by the beach for me.
my unpopular belief that this world is still a beautiful place.
and the chances i have to take it by storm.

but most importantly, i'm grateful for the age old story.
and my knowledge of its truth and joy.
merry christmas to all,
no matter what you may or may not believe.
because i think we all believe in love,
and that's the bottom line of my december, too.

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