Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas eve.

this december has seriously been a wild ride,
full of mistakes & accomplishments & all those things that fall in between.
and while i still am not good enough to be of those people who are thankful for hardship,
{seriously, who is?}
i am glad certain experiences have come along to shape me during a time of year where gratitude begins to take precedence over all.

so today i am grateful.
for the lessons learned.
the people that never leave.
a family waiting by the beach for me.
my unpopular belief that this world is still a beautiful place.
and the chances i have to take it by storm.

but most importantly, i'm grateful for the age old story.
and my knowledge of its truth and joy.
merry christmas to all,
no matter what you may or may not believe.
because i think we all believe in love,
and that's the bottom line of my december, too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

dude, you're perfect.

 guys, if there is one thing you learn from me being the hockey obsessor that i am,
please just watch this video and be amazed.
also, you have my permission to fall as in love with tyler seguin & jamie benn as i have over the past few years.
merry early christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

a few of my favorite things.

oh 2014,
where on earth did you go?

when you live alone you have a lot of time to think.
and talk to yourself, but that's a story for another day.
so while i've been doing all this thinking this past week,
i looked back on a few of my favorite things & moments of the year.
and so i present, a few of my favorite 2014 things...

commercial: tim horton's good ol' hockey game.
this commercial was released up north for the olympics.
i can seriously watch it over & over again.
i will always love how much canada loves hockey.
and sidney crosby.

red carpet moment: sjp in oscar de la renta, 2014 met ball.
this might actually be my favorite red carpet moment of all time.
might be.

song: girls by miranda lambert.
i'm scared to look at my itunes playlist and see how many times i have listened to this song over the course of the year.

album: 1989 by taylor swift.
ummmm yah, like you didn't see that one coming.

music video: blank space.
those dresses need to be put in a museum.
or my closet.

moment: april 9, 2014.
i went to my first blackhawks game IN chicago.
not only did this happen, but my favorite player in the entire world scored that goal.
it was kind of a night i still don't believe was real.

discovery: salt lake city.
it's not half bad loves, 
in's completely perfect.

instagram account: @scoutponder.
my love for christian & samantha ponder is oh so very real.
my love for their baby & her insta account so geniusly narrated by her mother is beyond words.
{ps - it's a private account}
{but i'm pretty sure she accepts all requests as long as you play nice}
{pps - that's my way of saying go follow this munchkin}

risk taken: blonde.
many of you don't know i am actually a natural blonde.
so i went back to my roots in 2014, quite literally, and you know it's true what they say...
blondes do it better.

book: wild.
it seems so cliche to say things like, this book changed my life.
and i don't know if i can say it changed my life, per say, 
but i can say it changed my way of looking at who i am and the world around me. 
all for the better.
it's an incredible tale of learning to love yourself again & forgive those who never did.
even more so a story of learning to forgive yourself.
which for me has always been my biggest challenge of all.

gift: thee prismatic world tour.
my parents took our family to see katy perry as one big combined birthday bash.
it was probably one of the greatest nights of my life.
because i challenge you to find something happier than looking down an aisle & seeing your parents fist pumping to firework.

purchase: olivia the pig.
i've taken something normal and gone 110% overboard with it.
as with everything i do in life.

tv show: scandal.
olivia pope is my spirit animal.
her wardrobe can be, too.


cheers to a great year of fun & favorites.
happy {almost} 2015, loves.