Saturday, November 22, 2014

...and then she roared.

in case anyyyyy of you thought i had flown the coup and forgotten to replay thee best night ever experience at my girl KP's PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR,
sorry to disappoint,
because i sure did not!
but considering it was an extremely generous bday prezzie from my parents,
i figured it best to keep it until, 
well, until my birthday.
 so here ya go...sparkles and laser beams and all.

we hoped in the car on a wednesday night,
and by we i mean: moi {in my ROAR shirt bedazzled in roughly 700 swarovski crystals}, bff rachal, my brother, sissy-in-law {who killed it in a cupcake dress}, mom & dad {yes, those last two are a true story} and we ventured off to honda center for our birthday extravaganza.
as we pulled in the parking lady was astonished to learn my dad was actually staying for the concert,
{he wins cool dad of the year forevermore, i know}
and we were lucky to find a spot considering girlfriend travels with...count em...56 semi trucks and 18 tour buses.
in the epic words of my sissy-in-law,
"so she's kinda a bad ass."

 we picked up our 3D glasses, 
{yep, she goes BIG}
got to our seats, 
{which were INCREDIBLE, thanks m&d}
and waited for the show to start.

one thing i have always, always loved about her shows,
{and yes, this was my 8th one}
is the types of people in her audience.
everyone from the dads and little kids, to the moms and daughters, to just the moms, to the young adults, to the groups of men that love her for different reasons than myself, to the loyal boyfriends who want to pretend they don't know every word to california gurls, but really do, and so on.
in fact, i read a review where the only complaint the author had about the show was she might have been "too family friendly".

in case you missed the point of her new album,
she has stated in past it's about the fact that no prism is cut the same.
so when a light reflects on it, each one is going to let off a different reflection of rainbows.
and the point of the tour was just that.
her very own prism.
every set, every costume, every theme represented a different aspect of who she has grown to become.

the first set was, naturally, the prism set.
she brought down the house in a little less than 50 seconds by opening with ROAR,
and maybe it's just me but when an artist can open a show with their biggest hit to date, you know those 56 semi-trucks outside ain't for nothin.

then we moved into her love for all things egyptian,
{remember how she was supposed to have her 30th bday party in egypt,
 until that became a travel hazard?}
performing ET, legendary lovers, dark horse and my dad's personal favorite, i kissed a girl.
 i think the poor man cringes when he sees me dancing to it. 
every time. sorry, dad.
after egypt we were transported to a world in which cats had taken over hollywood.
nope. i kid you not, people.
because a tour from a girl whose own cat's name is kitty purry wouldn't really be complete without it.
naturally, this was the favorite part of the two 7 year olds sitting in back of us.
i think their very words were,
 "this is the COOLEST. THING. EVER!"
she took her cat-titude through renditions of hot n cold, international smile and a impromptu fashion show to madonna's vogue.
{never forget we basically have madge to thank for KP's fame}

she then slowed things down a bit by introducing the arena to her new found love for gardening.
and i introduced myself to my new found love for the custom made valentino gown she was wearing.
with her backup singers dressed as sunflowers and animatronic butterflies flying around the stadium i would have to say this was my favorite set.
her voice is magnificent when she's just a girl and her {bedazzled} guitar.
she sang by the grace of god, the one that got away, thinking of you and unconditionally.
the last one was incredible enough to give you full body chills.

we then megamixed our way back to the 90's {her favorite era} with walking on air, this is how we do, tgif and my personal favorite from her new album, it takes two.

after re-living her wild 90's we were taken to a black & white version of katy locked up in an asylum.
the video {in which she STILL manages to look gorgeous} is symbolic of those icky post-divorce months in which she is trying to find the color in her life again.
find it she does, and now we are back to a {neon-ified} teenage dream era.
my mom rocked the night away to california girls, we sang teenage dream at the tippy tops of our lungs and ended in one gigantic birthday party in which the arena was flooded with balloons and sparkles and confetti and ms. perry herself flew around with her balloon boquet.
to say it was magic doesn't even do the girl justice.

and just when you think you've seen it all.
you remember who you're dealing with right about the time you are prompted to put on your 3D glasses.
because the encore of firework isn't for regular viewing.
with a dress that could make even the most bland of fashionistas smile,
and pyrotechnics to compare, 
she brought the house down once more with her power anthem firework.
watch the video above, and believe me when i say you have never in your entire life seen something like this.

and just like that, it was over.
but my favorite thing about the night, despite the fact that it was without doubt thee most incredible thing i have ever seen, was the scene after the show.
everyone was happy.
no one was screaming at each other about where they had parked the car.
the kids weren't crying.
instead the picture of people exiting the honda center was one of loved ones smiling and laughing about the nearly 2 1/2 hour show they had just paid good money to see.
in all 8 times i have seen her she has never brought the same show twice.
something i admire about her.
and as my mom said on our way back to the car,
 "it might have been the best money i ever spent."

sweet california dreams loves.

{photos courtesy of moi & google}
{videos courtesy of youtube}

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