Sunday, October 12, 2014

share a coke with tolkien

before i moved my sweet little piano students came over with tons of fabulous {blackhawks} themed gifts.  
gifts that now make up the decor of my blackhawks themed bathroom.
yep, i went there peeps.
{it's the one NOT classy part of my house and i am totes okay with this.}

however, alongside all my cute, fun new hockey things their sweet mother included an "emergency" stash of diet coke.
although when it comes to me and diet coke everyday is an emergency, per say, but this was even better than a free 12 pack of my go-go juice.
she had attached a motivational quote to each of the cans for me to crack open on days where i needed that extra push.
{genius much?}

today after i got home from church,
which when you are living in a city with no friends close by and no roommates feels an awful lot like you're the kid whose parents moved halfway through the school year and you have to go into an already settled kindergarten classroom with just you and your louboutins,
i cracked open some inspiration, 
that happened to come from thee ever classic Tolkien himself,
and realized how lucky i am to be a girl off living her biggest dreams.
so here's a sunday cheers to life, family, love, the bears winning a football game, Tolkein, diet coke and everything in between.

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