Saturday, October 11, 2014

meet this mormon.

i have stated before certain portions of my life are, primarily, off limits here.
religion being one of them.
while my reluctance to prance my beliefs across the pages of this dear blog may at first seem negative, i assure you my reasoning alines with the opposite.
as i have previously explained my religion and my relationship with God are incredibly sacred to me.
they make up the deepest and sincerest parts of who i am as a person in this great big world.
and those parts aren't up for criticism nor discussion.

that being said, i am certainly not shy to explain my beliefs to anyone with a question.
a lot of them do come out of genuine curiosity about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
more commonly known as a mormon.

a co-worker of mine recently discovered i was mormon.
{moving to salt lake city kinda gives it away} 
and the first thing out of his mouth was, 
well that explains why you are over the top happy all the time.

i'm not oblivious to the rumors and misconceptions related to mormonism.
however, i am sometimes a bit taken back when people express such surprise that "a girl like me" is dedicated to such a "conservative" culture.
how can a girl who doesn't go out on Sundays or drink alcohol, also be a girl who screams {sometimes harsh words} at hockey games, believes in empowering women, has a favorite singer who melodys on about kissing other girls and truly believes you can love someone without sleeping with them first?
i mean, shouldn't that girl have her nose stuck in the Bible all the time?
false, guys. false.

this weekend a film was released sharing the stories of six people doing incredible & brave things with their lives, who also happen to be mormon.
meet the mormons is not a gimic to get you to join the Church.
{so just check that worry off your list right now.}
but rather a medium to show we are less sheltered and a bit closer to "normal" than you might think.
i mean, we don't drink coffee, but we drink diet coke and that's like sorta the same thing here people.
no but for reals, go and see this movie.
because all proceeds of the film will be donated to the Red Cross!
that's right, you get a movie and donate $15 to a great cause.
PLUS, my absolute fav gal jenna kim jones {alumna of The Daily Show} is the narrator.

so here's what little i will say:
my religious convictions by no means make me oblivious to the realities of this world nor the struggles of other people's lives and beliefs.
do i have to agree with every single action of those in my life and they agree with mine?
do we love each other anyway?
absolutely. always. yes.

my relationship with God is not because everything comes up roses for girls who wear high heels and a lot of makeup, 
i promise you that.
 i have yet to meet a single person on this earth exempt from hardship. 
i can assure you i've been there. i've seen what those walls look like. and my faith in a higher power isn't in spite of those experiences, but because of them.
i believe in a God with the ability to create miracles in everyday existence and the power to comfort during times of sheer loneliness and despair.
i believe in a God who requires much, but eternally forgives misgivings.
i believe in a God who gives everyone the power of free will, and therefore can't make bad things go away, but can offer a brighter path.
i believe in a God who rejoices in our successes.
and i believe in a God who loves unconditionally.

my name is jessica bradley.
i'm a daughter.
big city dreamer.
vogue addict.
blackhawks fan.
travel enthusiast.
diet coke expert.
louboutin coveter.
katy perry lover.
fairy-tale believer.
and i'm a mormon.


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  1. I don't appear terribly Mormon myself. I swear sometimes, support gay rights, drink the occasional Starbucks (decaf, but still)... But my faith is strong. Mormons come in all shapes and sizes. :) Love ya, girl!