Wednesday, October 8, 2014

come one, come all.

while today marks the official return of hockey,
{the hawks don't play until tomorrow}
{so you don't have to worry about my annual sports girl post until manana}
it also marks the return of one of my absolute favorite shows on television that i hate and love and love and hate all at the same time: american horror story.
this year's theme? the freak show.

now, let me tell you, i am such a chicken when i comes to scary things.
not in the respect of non-participation,
{throw me into that haunted corn maze at will}
but more so the fact that my wild imagination kicks in right around 11:30pm after watching or participating in said scary event and there is just no hope on this green earth of me sleeping.
alas, my love for all things halloween & horror outweighs my love of sleep & comfort and yours truly is an addict to everything haunted.

the new season tackles the spooks of a old time circus featured freak show in florida.
this show is not a recommendation for any of you with a faint stomach, heart, head, offensive barometer or anti-halloweenism.
nothing wrong with any of that, this just probably just isn't your cup of tea.
try hallmark. i love that, too.
however, if you can stay with this it is without doubt one of the most brilliantly written and acted shows on television.
jessica lange is second to none.

i have loved all the pre-features of the season in getting to know the different members of the "freak" show, many of which are unique in their own way.
today's revolved around ben woolf, who plays meep.
mr. wolf played a role in AHS' first season {the murder house} and i kind of have such a soft spot for him, particularly more after watching this clip, which isn't scary i promise.
but more so a reminder to treat everyone we meet with kindness and respect.
because we are all just doing what we can to change the world in our own ways.

happy haunting loves.

{photo via pinterest}

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