Tuesday, October 14, 2014

are we in the clear yet?

have you heard this yet?
or am i the only one who stays up until midnight to buy new music?
maybe just me? 
okay then.

but really, i'm in tuesday obsesh mode over this jam.
because how may of us have been in certain relationships where we constantly question when the solid ground will come, if ever?
when that feeling of fragility and the rush that comes alongside it will become something real or if it all ends tomorrow?
{raises both hands}

i'm probably a bit biased because this describes that summer roller-coaster relationship of mine to a tee.
{i swear she reads my journal}
or maybe she's just forever my girl and i'm reveling in her pop trasition mode.
but either way, you should probably click download.
you'll thank me one day.

1 comment:

  1. OK, you don't know who I am—I found your Ducks articles on Rant Sports (which are excellent, by the way) a little while back and, through the strange digital mazes of the Internet, somehow ended up here—so you obviously have no reason to answer this, but seriously: How is it that you are single?

    That's a huge assumption for a stranger to make, of course, but "roller-coaster relationship" is usually a dead ringer for singleness in my experience. And I don't mean that as a criticism; it's more out of astonishment. There's only so much I can gather from a handful of blog and Instagram posts (I swear I'm not a stalker), but from where I sit, an empirically attractive woman who writes about and watches hockey (and not just in some feigned sense, like the chick who thinks her hockey IQ is off the charts for correctly noting that Gretzky wore No. 99), has impeccable fashion sense and killer shoes (which, I know, doesn't really mean much coming from a straight dude), plays the piano and has a way with wit...well, it's just surprising, that's all.

    I assure you I have no ulterior motive with my question, and this isn't the type of thing I usually do. However, by virtue of MVPerry scoring his league-leading ninth goal of the season tonight, the Ducks winning and me killing it in my fantasy league (...not exactly), I'm stoked right now figured it couldn't hurt to ask.