Sunday, August 3, 2014


i don't think my life has ever been as completely messy as it is in this very moment.
now i usually equate the idea of messy with bad.
but i'm learning it's not necessarily bad if you let go of the fear to run back to what was comfortable 
and push through to the other side.
one foot in front of the other.
i prefer mine with heels on, 
but y'all wear whatever floats your boat.

and while some people move away from what they know at a crossroads, 
i feel i have only moved closer to what i know while standing here.
closer to a God that loves me and a group of people on this earth more devoted to me than i will ever deserve.
including this dear community.
i receive a lot of great feeback from here, 
and as with most things on the internet, i've received the opposite, as well.
but i saved these two blurbs from sweet readers that i refer to anytime i start wondering what in the world i am doing here...

so thank you to these two lovely ladies.
your kind words are more of a reminder of who i hope to one day be than you will ever know.
and a thank you to everyone within my support system, you included.
because sometimes you have to see yourself through the eyes of others to be reminded of everything you forgot you had to offer.
it's why we aren't alone.
it's why nobody ever makes it where they want to be without the humilty to let others hold your hand as long as needed. 
...i'm still working on that one.

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