Monday, August 11, 2014

obsession of the week {giveaway!}

yesterday while waltzing through my sunday activities i was asked by three separate women what my "skincare secret" is.
minus the obvious ideas of drinking more water than diet coke, 
{which is A LOT}
not wearing makeup on saturdays,
{let things breathe people!} 
and allllwaaayyyys washing my face before falling asleep, 
{no matter how tired i am}
my tiny secret is more than just an expensive bottle of foundation. 
{although i swear by that too}
but for those not willing to slap the dollar bills down for a bottle of goop, here is something wellllll worth your financial investment.
my mini-facial secret.
i picked this bottle of magic up on a whim while checking out at Ulta one day and quickly came to swear by it.
i would recommend the 4 oz bottle over the larger one because i have heard if it sits for too many months in your beauty cabinet the sudsy stuff turns more soapy than exfoliant.
for someone with a bajillion jobs my fav thing about it is how eaaaaaasyyyy it is.
scrub for 30 seconds, wash it off and then you are on your way.

but here is where this day just keeps getting better.
i believe a secret shared in full is the only way to go, so i am giving away a 4 oz size of your very own!
because i promise y'all will get addicted to this stuff the second it lands in your hands.

so here are the rules:
the giveaway lasts until this WEDNESDAY, august 13th.
all you have to do to enter is comment with YOUR favorite beauty product either here, on facebook or on instagram. 
{don't be alarmed by the instagram "private" setting, 
i promise to accept your request as long as you don't look like a creepster}
OR you can email
the winner will be announced on thursday!

good luck.


  1. Ooo this stuff sounds great! Pregnancy did a number on my skin and even almost two years later my skin isn't quite the same. I've really been loving Vitamin C Serum for my face. I put it on in the morning after I tone but before I moisturize. Look it up on Amazon. Loads of good reviews! I buy the one from Amara Organics.

  2. For sure I want to try this now. My current favorite beauty product is Napoleon's Auto Pilot BBB Cream. Makes my skin look dewy and clean, and it has some sort of slug juice in it that's supposed to help clear your skin. I used to get pretty bad acne but I really haven't had a major breakout in a long time.