Monday, August 25, 2014

here i go...

i have always been a firm believer in creating your own personal change.
and success.
we live in a world where the easy way out of a lot of things is offered to us on a silver platter with usually a few silver dollar signs attached.
and while something quicker & easier always seems better,
if i have learned anything in life it's that success achieved by nothing less than your hardest efforts, usually mixed in with a helluva lot of obstacles, is the truest and happiest form of the feeling.
something you complete with your own will can never be taken away from you.

and so in the past few months of figuring out exactly what i need to do to get a little closer to all those grand dreams a girl like me has, i have realized it's time for a change.
a big change.
one of those leap of faith kind of changes.

and thus i am moving.
to salt lake city.
did you fall out of your chair yet?

considering 3 years ago when i left happy valley, usa and swore i would never return, when my mom suggested the move about a month ago the conversation ended in a minor screaming match. 
and a flat out no, on my part.
but as much am i'm an advocate for that personal change mentioned above, 
i'm also one for those instances where God humbles you into a place where you can finally see a grander picture.
and while utah might never be my favorite state of the 50, it's my grander picture.
for now.
both literally and figuratively closer to my ultimate dream of carrie bradshaw'ism in the big apple. right?

so the good news is: it will not be provo.
i really meant what i said when i said i wasn't going back. 
like ever.
it's more like the cutest top floor studio smack dab in the middle of downtown slc.
and it's 100% exactly where i feel i need to be to create the next grand adventures of my life.
i am absolutely terrified and completely at peace all at the same time.
that's how i know it's right.
that and the fact that i will literally be living one block away from Nordstrom.

come visit loves.

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