Monday, August 25, 2014

here i go...

i have always been a firm believer in creating your own personal change.
and success.
we live in a world where the easy way out of a lot of things is offered to us on a silver platter with usually a few silver dollar signs attached.
and while something quicker & easier always seems better,
if i have learned anything in life it's that success achieved by nothing less than your hardest efforts, usually mixed in with a helluva lot of obstacles, is the truest and happiest form of the feeling.
something you complete with your own will can never be taken away from you.

and so in the past few months of figuring out exactly what i need to do to get a little closer to all those grand dreams a girl like me has, i have realized it's time for a change.
a big change.
one of those leap of faith kind of changes.

and thus i am moving.
to salt lake city.
did you fall out of your chair yet?

considering 3 years ago when i left happy valley, usa and swore i would never return, when my mom suggested the move about a month ago the conversation ended in a minor screaming match. 
and a flat out no, on my part.
but as much am i'm an advocate for that personal change mentioned above, 
i'm also one for those instances where God humbles you into a place where you can finally see a grander picture.
and while utah might never be my favorite state of the 50, it's my grander picture.
for now.
both literally and figuratively closer to my ultimate dream of carrie bradshaw'ism in the big apple. right?

so the good news is: it will not be provo.
i really meant what i said when i said i wasn't going back. 
like ever.
it's more like the cutest top floor studio smack dab in the middle of downtown slc.
and it's 100% exactly where i feel i need to be to create the next grand adventures of my life.
i am absolutely terrified and completely at peace all at the same time.
that's how i know it's right.
that and the fact that i will literally be living one block away from Nordstrom.

come visit loves.

Friday, August 15, 2014

giveaway WINNNER!

it's giveaway day friends!
{actually it's a day late but yesterday was tornado of a busy day}
i had such a great time reading all your comments and emails with descriptions of your favorite beauty products.
you better believe i made a list of them all.
and we dooooo have a winner to announce this morning!
{chosen by random selection}
{and by random selection i mean everyone's names thrown into a blackhawks hat}
{my survival skills are killer...i know}

our winner is: BROOK!

congratulations darling lady!
please email with your address 
and i will throw your prize into the mail asap.

look out soon for another obsession of the week giveaway.
it might have something to do with music.
good music.

{image via pinterest}

Monday, August 11, 2014

obsession of the week {giveaway!}

yesterday while waltzing through my sunday activities i was asked by three separate women what my "skincare secret" is.
minus the obvious ideas of drinking more water than diet coke, 
{which is A LOT}
not wearing makeup on saturdays,
{let things breathe people!} 
and allllwaaayyyys washing my face before falling asleep, 
{no matter how tired i am}
my tiny secret is more than just an expensive bottle of foundation. 
{although i swear by that too}
but for those not willing to slap the dollar bills down for a bottle of goop, here is something wellllll worth your financial investment.
my mini-facial secret.
i picked this bottle of magic up on a whim while checking out at Ulta one day and quickly came to swear by it.
i would recommend the 4 oz bottle over the larger one because i have heard if it sits for too many months in your beauty cabinet the sudsy stuff turns more soapy than exfoliant.
for someone with a bajillion jobs my fav thing about it is how eaaaaaasyyyy it is.
scrub for 30 seconds, wash it off and then you are on your way.

but here is where this day just keeps getting better.
i believe a secret shared in full is the only way to go, so i am giving away a 4 oz size of your very own!
because i promise y'all will get addicted to this stuff the second it lands in your hands.

so here are the rules:
the giveaway lasts until this WEDNESDAY, august 13th.
all you have to do to enter is comment with YOUR favorite beauty product either here, on facebook or on instagram. 
{don't be alarmed by the instagram "private" setting, 
i promise to accept your request as long as you don't look like a creepster}
OR you can email
the winner will be announced on thursday!

good luck.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


i don't think my life has ever been as completely messy as it is in this very moment.
now i usually equate the idea of messy with bad.
but i'm learning it's not necessarily bad if you let go of the fear to run back to what was comfortable 
and push through to the other side.
one foot in front of the other.
i prefer mine with heels on, 
but y'all wear whatever floats your boat.

and while some people move away from what they know at a crossroads, 
i feel i have only moved closer to what i know while standing here.
closer to a God that loves me and a group of people on this earth more devoted to me than i will ever deserve.
including this dear community.
i receive a lot of great feeback from here, 
and as with most things on the internet, i've received the opposite, as well.
but i saved these two blurbs from sweet readers that i refer to anytime i start wondering what in the world i am doing here...

so thank you to these two lovely ladies.
your kind words are more of a reminder of who i hope to one day be than you will ever know.
and a thank you to everyone within my support system, you included.
because sometimes you have to see yourself through the eyes of others to be reminded of everything you forgot you had to offer.
it's why we aren't alone.
it's why nobody ever makes it where they want to be without the humilty to let others hold your hand as long as needed. 
...i'm still working on that one.