Tuesday, June 3, 2014

sweet home chicago.

in case you haven't heard the tragic news my dear blackhawks are out of the playoffs.
it was a tough loss to process, 
especially since it was no hidden fact the league wanted LA to win.
{ever heard of an illegal goal from a high-stick or off-sides? no? guess not.} 
apparently i didn't get the memo in which we weren't going to play by the rules of hockey on sunday night, but more so the rules of pushing LA vs NYC for the final and therefore doing anything and everything to get it that way.
hate sports politics.
c'est la vie though, right?

but perhaps the strangest thing about losing is, 
for some reason it has given me the complete opposite reaction than i think most people suspected.
the suspected reaction being: picking me up off the bathroom floor with a diet coke in hand.

now don't get me wrong, i am heartbroken for my team.
there isn't a classier group of men on and off the ice.
but that's it right there -- a midst the loss and a season ending too soon 
i have fallen even more in love with those chicago blackhawks.  
{difficult considering how much i already love this group}
and even though there was no magical finish like last,
this might have been my favorite year yet for so many different reasons than winning it all.

the hawks came to ca and finally beat the ducks at honda center.
not just beat them, but SHUT THEM OUT in a stadium full of more hawks fans than those cheering on the home team.
it was a night & an experience i will never forget.

i made great friends through this loyal, crazy fandom and i now wonder how i ever had a world without them in it.

santa finally brought me that patrick sharp jersey i have always wanted.

toews scored a hat trick this year.
sharpy did, too.

i kicked that #1 to-do off my bucket list for good and finally journeyed to the madhouse for my first ever game IN chicago.
i bought the patrick kane player's jersey i have long coveted, sat with my two best friends and watched the hawks make one of the most incredible comebacks i have ever seen only for sharp
{ie: my favorite hockey player of all time} 
to score the game winning goal in OT.
storybook perfect.

by luck of time and place and everything in between i met some of the team, and they were gracious and kind and exactly what i had always hoped they would be.

and then i watched that group make it all the way to the western conference final {which is no small task} during a playoff year most thought they would never get out of the first round in.

so yes, the season is over.
and yes i am sad.
but oh what a sweet season it was.
full of a different kind of magic and a few dreams come true.
and i don't know about you, 
but i will always believe in a girl named chelsea.
perhaps now more than ever.

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