Monday, June 9, 2014

ootw: obession of the week

oh my country music lovers this week's obsessive purchase is for you...
if y'all haven't picked up the new miranda lambert album, appropriately titled platinum, then you are wasting away some pretty glorious music listening days.
because as per usual, nobody throws a party like miranda.

now i won't pretend this is some crossover album in which even if you hate country music you will somehow magically fall in love with these 16 songs.
you won't.
in fact, you will probably hate it.
considering there is nothing but cold, hard, old time country twang laced throughout the entire middle.
however, you might appreciate the messages she brings to the table, as has always been the primary appeal of ms. lambert.

she may be a bit more settled down than the girl we all fell in love with years ago for being bold enough to sing about dousing her cheating ex-lover's house in kerosene and taking a match to it without much guilt, 
but she is still no less of a lyrical genius.

from a letter penned to priscilla presley asking for the secrets of making a marriage work with a man married to attention, 
{it's a difficult thing being queen to the king 
and i feel ya, priscilla}

to a song explaining the feeling of having all the money in the world, but only wanting love, 
{i've seen a lot of dreams come true, 
but ain't no moment like when i'm holding on to you}

to the title track not so much about her success as a songwriter, but more so an ode to the color of her hair & those high heels,
{what doesn't kill you only makes you blonder}

to her public service announcement for any man thinking he understands the characteristically unpredictable nature of girls,
{if you think you're the only one she'll want in this world, 
then you don't know nothing about girls}

she will have you hitting the repeat button more times than you care to admit.
and counting down the days until her platinum hair hits your home town with these {sure to be} platinum tunes.
you're welcome in advance.

definitely download:
babies makin' babies
somethin' bad {with carrie underwood}
{so basically, the whooooole album}

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