Tuesday, May 13, 2014

yes, let's.

my world is moving so fast right now i don't even know where to begin, does it feel the same for you too?

i have stories and stories galore.
so let's just start with the plain and simple for tonight:

chicago was an absolute blast and i promise to post all my pictures and words about it this weekend.
i feel like in terms of that city and those people i finally found my tribe in life.
but more on that later.

my dating world has burst wide open and i'm pretty sure i could write a book on my love life over the past month: the good, the bad and the reallyyyyy ugly...more on THAT later, as well.

guess which team punched their ticket to the western conference final tonight?
and because the ducks are currently battling it out against the kings for the other spot in the series, my hawks are guaranteed to play in california next week no matter what!
here i come!

i'm busy.  
beyond, beyond, beyond busy.
like can't even think straight busy.
but it's a thankful busy, because i am living so many dreams right now that i have no room to complain.

speaking of dreams,
if you miss me enough on here you can hop over to my other job {here} and find me any given night covering a ducks game.
yes...this is real life.

i can't wait for summer & beach time & relaxing nights.
the only good thing about being a die hard hockey fan is my stomach literally goes into knots and by the time the games are over it's bed time so lots of dinnerless nights for me.  
which means last week when i went swimmie suit shopping i was down another size!
the things i do for these people.

bestie emi and moi are planning a palm springs bash in the dead of august, and being the two krazy kitties we are the heat of it all sounds thrilling.

thee lil' bro is home from school for the summer and i finally have my partner in crime back by my side.  watch out OC!

things are great.
life is thrilling.
and i promise to be back on here more often.
until then...

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