Monday, May 19, 2014

ootw: obsession of the week

black is back in a big way,
and i refuse to let go of my love for leggings.
combine the two and we have this week's purchase obsession.

the black mossimo leggings from target {in the juniors dept} will become the jelly to your peanut butter ladies, i promise.
the trick to this trade is they don't always have the full length pant ones in stock, 
so i have made a habit of looking for them every time i go and just pick up a new pair whenever i find them in my size.
you know - for that gosh awful day they stop selling them.

they are stretchy but not sheer, comfy but not homless looking and last foooorever.
even better? this secret will only set you pack $8 little ones.

but guess what? 
if you order online this week you can get them for $5!
i know that's the sacrifice of five diet cokes, but trust me they are worth it.
hop on it {here}, before i buy them all myself!


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  1. This is exactly what I need from your blog right now. Purchase history and links. Bless you.