Thursday, May 15, 2014

ootw: obsession of the week.

i had a twitter follower {who also happens to be one of my favorite long distance friends} suggest a few weeks ago that i do a blog on purchases i love.
now, considering i have a hard time even keeping up with you fine loves, i won't go off and start a brand new blog, but i will start a "buy of the week" post...promising to keep up with it as often as possible.
and hey! if you find any great buys or steals or deals or just something you can't live without, i will showcase it.
how's that for collaboration?

so my maiden purchase is all about bedding.
granted it happened a few weeks ago, but clearly i'm not over it.
i always thought people who raved about thread count in sheets were even more high maintenance than me.
it turns out, they are just smarter than me.
{it happens more often than i care to admit.}

so as i was prancing throughout target i found the shabby chic linens i have wanted forever were FINALLY on sale.
so i swapped those suckers up {last one!} and figured why not.
now the only "why not" i have myself thinking these days is in terms of why i didn't turn up that thread count sooner!

honestly loves, it feels like i sleep in a cloud now, not just on top of one.
sometimes when i come home at night i get into bed to work rather than typing at my desk because i'm so in love.
i will even go as far as to say that i would pay full price for these suckers if need be.

you ready for your own little piece of heaven?
head on over to target today to snatch them up.
{not sold online, sadly}
happy dreams!

{photo via pinterest}

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