Saturday, April 5, 2014

duck hunting.

 a few weeks ago i had my most favoritest daddy/daughter date of the season: 
the blackhawks vs. ducks game!
despite how grand my stanley cup champions are, they usually do not play very well against the ducks, which means i have grown accustomed to just being happy with watching them and hoping someone scores along the way.
but a few months ago when the ducks visited the hawks at the madhouse we kinda sorta blew them away, which gave me high hopes for the rematch here in anaheim.

i made dad get to honda center two hours before puck drop so we could get front row seats for pre-game warm-ups.



my favorite thing about going to these games is that when the hawks are in town, the fans show up in masses.
by the time the game started for every one ducks fan in the building there were two hawks fans.
which means when marian hossa scored the first goal of the game, you would have actually thought you were sitting in chicago if you didn't know any better.
it was THAT loud.
even without the home advantage of a goal horn.

the game was grand.
the hawks ate the ducks alive with a 2-0 finish.
even better my captain toews scored to seal the deal with just 2 minutes left.
{chelsea is the goal song for the hawks in Chicago}
which means Toews continues his streak of having scored at every hawks vs. ducks game i have ever been to.
i must be lucky or something.

dad went home a titch disappointed in his ducks jersey due to the loss.
but then again, probably not really because he and i both knew if the hawks had lost the game he would have had to probably carry me outta there crying.
{way too emotionally involved party of one...right here}
we will leave the story of my basically willing team canada to a gold medal finish in the olympics for another day.
i think my family wanted canada to win for the sheer point of not having to watch me be depressed for 25 days after.

i can't even think about what will happen to my heart if these two meet in the playoffs.
i love them both.
but first and foremost: black and red until i'm dead.
so until then...

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