Saturday, February 8, 2014

ready to be me again.

oh hi, i'm still breathing.
although sometimes it seems only barely.

january was a tough month loves.
more bluntly was hell.
i am not sad to see it go.
and i welcome this new month full of pink and hearts and sparkle and laughter with wide open arms.

but the {great?} thing about being attacked by the hardships of life from every. single. angle is you are forced to absolutely find the good in everything.
the good in the past. 
the good in the idea that the tough present will one day be the past. 
and the good in the hope that the future will one day be the present.
you can trick your mind into anything, you see.
and pretty soon they are not tricks anymore, they are things your mind actually believes in.

so here i am ready to believe again.
one more day at a time.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}

1 comment:

  1. I never would have known you had a rough month! But I completely agree. January's are always tough for me and I'm glad to be in a happy, pink, love-filled month! And that much closer to summer.. Hope things are going better for you, my dear!