Wednesday, February 26, 2014

currently listening: kacey musgraves.

a few months ago dear S introduced me to a song she found as the free download of the day called follow your arrow by kacey musgraves. it was darling.
and oh so true in terms of how i feel about one person judging another.
i went home and downloaded it. naturally.
and because i can't do anything half way i just bought the whole darn album along with it.
{i'm an all or nothing girl...but you already knew that} 
but nothing else on the album really clicked for me.
so i just let it be.
you win some you lose some, right?

well, imagine my surprise when miss katy perry herself announced that miss musgraves would be the opening act on her upcoming PRISMATIC World Tour!
{which we already have our tickets to...duh}
it's not a conventional match, the pop diva and the country western star, but then kacey showed up to the grammys in a dress 500 different shades of color and sparkle and i saw just a titch of how those two puzzles found each other.

i figured if katy liked her i should figure a way too, 
so i revisited kacey and her stories and fell in love.
and maybe it was the magic of kp and maybe it wasn't, 
but either way...i. am. uhbsessed.
i have been listening all day, everyday.
you probably should too. just follow your arrow wherever it points.

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