Thursday, February 27, 2014


sometimes life super surprises you,
like when you are delivered your favorite flowers in the middle of the work day, with a teddy bear and a card that has your favorite wayne gretzky quote on it.
but no signature as to who sent them to you.

i have gone up and down the list of potential people in my life who would send me something so kind and came up nameless.
which makes me feel like i am underestimating the one person in my life who should not be underestimated.
i mean, a WAYNE GRETZKY quote?
clearly, you are too cool for me.

so here is my open letter to whomever sent them to me.
thank you, thank you, thank you.
your timing could not have been more on point.
in the middle of one of those gosh awful type work days that carried over from a monday where everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong, you put a permanent smile on my face.
if you ever want to confess, i would love to return the favor.
but if not...just know you made my week.
and i am incredibly fortunate to have someone like you in my life.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

currently listening: kacey musgraves.

a few months ago dear S introduced me to a song she found as the free download of the day called follow your arrow by kacey musgraves. it was darling.
and oh so true in terms of how i feel about one person judging another.
i went home and downloaded it. naturally.
and because i can't do anything half way i just bought the whole darn album along with it.
{i'm an all or nothing girl...but you already knew that} 
but nothing else on the album really clicked for me.
so i just let it be.
you win some you lose some, right?

well, imagine my surprise when miss katy perry herself announced that miss musgraves would be the opening act on her upcoming PRISMATIC World Tour!
{which we already have our tickets to...duh}
it's not a conventional match, the pop diva and the country western star, but then kacey showed up to the grammys in a dress 500 different shades of color and sparkle and i saw just a titch of how those two puzzles found each other.

i figured if katy liked her i should figure a way too, 
so i revisited kacey and her stories and fell in love.
and maybe it was the magic of kp and maybe it wasn't, 
but either way...i. am. uhbsessed.
i have been listening all day, everyday.
you probably should too. just follow your arrow wherever it points.

Friday, February 14, 2014

that's what makes it love.

valentine's has always been my 3rd favorite holiday and when you are a holiday lover like me, that's kind of a big deal.
this year is a little different that some previous ones,
not good or bad just...different.
but i am off to grand san diego wknd tomorrow and have a date with my favorite person on this entire planet monday night soooooo...
happy day of hearts and pink and sparkles and gratitude.
i hope yours is everything you dreamed of and more.

{photo via pinterest!}

Saturday, February 8, 2014

ready to be me again.

oh hi, i'm still breathing.
although sometimes it seems only barely.

january was a tough month loves.
more bluntly was hell.
i am not sad to see it go.
and i welcome this new month full of pink and hearts and sparkle and laughter with wide open arms.

but the {great?} thing about being attacked by the hardships of life from every. single. angle is you are forced to absolutely find the good in everything.
the good in the past. 
the good in the idea that the tough present will one day be the past. 
and the good in the hope that the future will one day be the present.
you can trick your mind into anything, you see.
and pretty soon they are not tricks anymore, they are things your mind actually believes in.

so here i am ready to believe again.
one more day at a time.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}