Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas eve.

this december has seriously been a wild ride,
full of mistakes & accomplishments & all those things that fall in between.
and while i still am not good enough to be of those people who are thankful for hardship,
{seriously, who is?}
i am glad certain experiences have come along to shape me during a time of year where gratitude begins to take precedence over all.

so today i am grateful.
for the lessons learned.
the people that never leave.
a family waiting by the beach for me.
my unpopular belief that this world is still a beautiful place.
and the chances i have to take it by storm.

but most importantly, i'm grateful for the age old story.
and my knowledge of its truth and joy.
merry christmas to all,
no matter what you may or may not believe.
because i think we all believe in love,
and that's the bottom line of my december, too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

dude, you're perfect.

 guys, if there is one thing you learn from me being the hockey obsessor that i am,
please just watch this video and be amazed.
also, you have my permission to fall as in love with tyler seguin & jamie benn as i have over the past few years.
merry early christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

a few of my favorite things.

oh 2014,
where on earth did you go?

when you live alone you have a lot of time to think.
and talk to yourself, but that's a story for another day.
so while i've been doing all this thinking this past week,
i looked back on a few of my favorite things & moments of the year.
and so i present, a few of my favorite 2014 things...

commercial: tim horton's good ol' hockey game.
this commercial was released up north for the olympics.
i can seriously watch it over & over again.
i will always love how much canada loves hockey.
and sidney crosby.

red carpet moment: sjp in oscar de la renta, 2014 met ball.
this might actually be my favorite red carpet moment of all time.
might be.

song: girls by miranda lambert.
i'm scared to look at my itunes playlist and see how many times i have listened to this song over the course of the year.

album: 1989 by taylor swift.
ummmm yah, like you didn't see that one coming.

music video: blank space.
those dresses need to be put in a museum.
or my closet.

moment: april 9, 2014.
i went to my first blackhawks game IN chicago.
not only did this happen, but my favorite player in the entire world scored that goal.
it was kind of a night i still don't believe was real.

discovery: salt lake city.
it's not half bad loves, 
in's completely perfect.

instagram account: @scoutponder.
my love for christian & samantha ponder is oh so very real.
my love for their baby & her insta account so geniusly narrated by her mother is beyond words.
{ps - it's a private account}
{but i'm pretty sure she accepts all requests as long as you play nice}
{pps - that's my way of saying go follow this munchkin}

risk taken: blonde.
many of you don't know i am actually a natural blonde.
so i went back to my roots in 2014, quite literally, and you know it's true what they say...
blondes do it better.

book: wild.
it seems so cliche to say things like, this book changed my life.
and i don't know if i can say it changed my life, per say, 
but i can say it changed my way of looking at who i am and the world around me. 
all for the better.
it's an incredible tale of learning to love yourself again & forgive those who never did.
even more so a story of learning to forgive yourself.
which for me has always been my biggest challenge of all.

gift: thee prismatic world tour.
my parents took our family to see katy perry as one big combined birthday bash.
it was probably one of the greatest nights of my life.
because i challenge you to find something happier than looking down an aisle & seeing your parents fist pumping to firework.

purchase: olivia the pig.
i've taken something normal and gone 110% overboard with it.
as with everything i do in life.

tv show: scandal.
olivia pope is my spirit animal.
her wardrobe can be, too.


cheers to a great year of fun & favorites.
happy {almost} 2015, loves.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

...and then she roared.

in case anyyyyy of you thought i had flown the coup and forgotten to replay thee best night ever experience at my girl KP's PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR,
sorry to disappoint,
because i sure did not!
but considering it was an extremely generous bday prezzie from my parents,
i figured it best to keep it until, 
well, until my birthday.
 so here ya go...sparkles and laser beams and all.

we hoped in the car on a wednesday night,
and by we i mean: moi {in my ROAR shirt bedazzled in roughly 700 swarovski crystals}, bff rachal, my brother, sissy-in-law {who killed it in a cupcake dress}, mom & dad {yes, those last two are a true story} and we ventured off to honda center for our birthday extravaganza.
as we pulled in the parking lady was astonished to learn my dad was actually staying for the concert,
{he wins cool dad of the year forevermore, i know}
and we were lucky to find a spot considering girlfriend travels with...count em...56 semi trucks and 18 tour buses.
in the epic words of my sissy-in-law,
"so she's kinda a bad ass."

 we picked up our 3D glasses, 
{yep, she goes BIG}
got to our seats, 
{which were INCREDIBLE, thanks m&d}
and waited for the show to start.

one thing i have always, always loved about her shows,
{and yes, this was my 8th one}
is the types of people in her audience.
everyone from the dads and little kids, to the moms and daughters, to just the moms, to the young adults, to the groups of men that love her for different reasons than myself, to the loyal boyfriends who want to pretend they don't know every word to california gurls, but really do, and so on.
in fact, i read a review where the only complaint the author had about the show was she might have been "too family friendly".

in case you missed the point of her new album,
she has stated in past it's about the fact that no prism is cut the same.
so when a light reflects on it, each one is going to let off a different reflection of rainbows.
and the point of the tour was just that.
her very own prism.
every set, every costume, every theme represented a different aspect of who she has grown to become.

the first set was, naturally, the prism set.
she brought down the house in a little less than 50 seconds by opening with ROAR,
and maybe it's just me but when an artist can open a show with their biggest hit to date, you know those 56 semi-trucks outside ain't for nothin.

then we moved into her love for all things egyptian,
{remember how she was supposed to have her 30th bday party in egypt,
 until that became a travel hazard?}
performing ET, legendary lovers, dark horse and my dad's personal favorite, i kissed a girl.
 i think the poor man cringes when he sees me dancing to it. 
every time. sorry, dad.
after egypt we were transported to a world in which cats had taken over hollywood.
nope. i kid you not, people.
because a tour from a girl whose own cat's name is kitty purry wouldn't really be complete without it.
naturally, this was the favorite part of the two 7 year olds sitting in back of us.
i think their very words were,
 "this is the COOLEST. THING. EVER!"
she took her cat-titude through renditions of hot n cold, international smile and a impromptu fashion show to madonna's vogue.
{never forget we basically have madge to thank for KP's fame}

she then slowed things down a bit by introducing the arena to her new found love for gardening.
and i introduced myself to my new found love for the custom made valentino gown she was wearing.
with her backup singers dressed as sunflowers and animatronic butterflies flying around the stadium i would have to say this was my favorite set.
her voice is magnificent when she's just a girl and her {bedazzled} guitar.
she sang by the grace of god, the one that got away, thinking of you and unconditionally.
the last one was incredible enough to give you full body chills.

we then megamixed our way back to the 90's {her favorite era} with walking on air, this is how we do, tgif and my personal favorite from her new album, it takes two.

after re-living her wild 90's we were taken to a black & white version of katy locked up in an asylum.
the video {in which she STILL manages to look gorgeous} is symbolic of those icky post-divorce months in which she is trying to find the color in her life again.
find it she does, and now we are back to a {neon-ified} teenage dream era.
my mom rocked the night away to california girls, we sang teenage dream at the tippy tops of our lungs and ended in one gigantic birthday party in which the arena was flooded with balloons and sparkles and confetti and ms. perry herself flew around with her balloon boquet.
to say it was magic doesn't even do the girl justice.

and just when you think you've seen it all.
you remember who you're dealing with right about the time you are prompted to put on your 3D glasses.
because the encore of firework isn't for regular viewing.
with a dress that could make even the most bland of fashionistas smile,
and pyrotechnics to compare, 
she brought the house down once more with her power anthem firework.
watch the video above, and believe me when i say you have never in your entire life seen something like this.

and just like that, it was over.
but my favorite thing about the night, despite the fact that it was without doubt thee most incredible thing i have ever seen, was the scene after the show.
everyone was happy.
no one was screaming at each other about where they had parked the car.
the kids weren't crying.
instead the picture of people exiting the honda center was one of loved ones smiling and laughing about the nearly 2 1/2 hour show they had just paid good money to see.
in all 8 times i have seen her she has never brought the same show twice.
something i admire about her.
and as my mom said on our way back to the car,
 "it might have been the best money i ever spent."

sweet california dreams loves.

{photos courtesy of moi & google}
{videos courtesy of youtube}

Friday, November 21, 2014

back to {virtual} reality.

i forgot how crazy moving can be. 
especially to a {somewhat} big city,
 where you know {almost next to} no one.
so i forced myself out of my house and away from my computer to try and find a tribe of people to call my own.
and find a job.
and keep my fridge stocked with something more than diet coke.

and i feel like despite having this overwhelming drowning feeling for a few days there,
i have planted my high heels in a good place.

i'm in love with this city.
and its people.

funny how life takes you to thee most unexpected places to help you find what you are looking for, huh?
so with that my blogging break is OVER.
welcome back loves.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

are we in the clear yet?

have you heard this yet?
or am i the only one who stays up until midnight to buy new music?
maybe just me? 
okay then.

but really, i'm in tuesday obsesh mode over this jam.
because how may of us have been in certain relationships where we constantly question when the solid ground will come, if ever?
when that feeling of fragility and the rush that comes alongside it will become something real or if it all ends tomorrow?
{raises both hands}

i'm probably a bit biased because this describes that summer roller-coaster relationship of mine to a tee.
{i swear she reads my journal}
or maybe she's just forever my girl and i'm reveling in her pop trasition mode.
but either way, you should probably click download.
you'll thank me one day.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

share a coke with tolkien

before i moved my sweet little piano students came over with tons of fabulous {blackhawks} themed gifts.  
gifts that now make up the decor of my blackhawks themed bathroom.
yep, i went there peeps.
{it's the one NOT classy part of my house and i am totes okay with this.}

however, alongside all my cute, fun new hockey things their sweet mother included an "emergency" stash of diet coke.
although when it comes to me and diet coke everyday is an emergency, per say, but this was even better than a free 12 pack of my go-go juice.
she had attached a motivational quote to each of the cans for me to crack open on days where i needed that extra push.
{genius much?}

today after i got home from church,
which when you are living in a city with no friends close by and no roommates feels an awful lot like you're the kid whose parents moved halfway through the school year and you have to go into an already settled kindergarten classroom with just you and your louboutins,
i cracked open some inspiration, 
that happened to come from thee ever classic Tolkien himself,
and realized how lucky i am to be a girl off living her biggest dreams.
so here's a sunday cheers to life, family, love, the bears winning a football game, Tolkein, diet coke and everything in between.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

meet this mormon.

i have stated before certain portions of my life are, primarily, off limits here.
religion being one of them.
while my reluctance to prance my beliefs across the pages of this dear blog may at first seem negative, i assure you my reasoning alines with the opposite.
as i have previously explained my religion and my relationship with God are incredibly sacred to me.
they make up the deepest and sincerest parts of who i am as a person in this great big world.
and those parts aren't up for criticism nor discussion.

that being said, i am certainly not shy to explain my beliefs to anyone with a question.
a lot of them do come out of genuine curiosity about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
more commonly known as a mormon.

a co-worker of mine recently discovered i was mormon.
{moving to salt lake city kinda gives it away} 
and the first thing out of his mouth was, 
well that explains why you are over the top happy all the time.

i'm not oblivious to the rumors and misconceptions related to mormonism.
however, i am sometimes a bit taken back when people express such surprise that "a girl like me" is dedicated to such a "conservative" culture.
how can a girl who doesn't go out on Sundays or drink alcohol, also be a girl who screams {sometimes harsh words} at hockey games, believes in empowering women, has a favorite singer who melodys on about kissing other girls and truly believes you can love someone without sleeping with them first?
i mean, shouldn't that girl have her nose stuck in the Bible all the time?
false, guys. false.

this weekend a film was released sharing the stories of six people doing incredible & brave things with their lives, who also happen to be mormon.
meet the mormons is not a gimic to get you to join the Church.
{so just check that worry off your list right now.}
but rather a medium to show we are less sheltered and a bit closer to "normal" than you might think.
i mean, we don't drink coffee, but we drink diet coke and that's like sorta the same thing here people.
no but for reals, go and see this movie.
because all proceeds of the film will be donated to the Red Cross!
that's right, you get a movie and donate $15 to a great cause.
PLUS, my absolute fav gal jenna kim jones {alumna of The Daily Show} is the narrator.

so here's what little i will say:
my religious convictions by no means make me oblivious to the realities of this world nor the struggles of other people's lives and beliefs.
do i have to agree with every single action of those in my life and they agree with mine?
do we love each other anyway?
absolutely. always. yes.

my relationship with God is not because everything comes up roses for girls who wear high heels and a lot of makeup, 
i promise you that.
 i have yet to meet a single person on this earth exempt from hardship. 
i can assure you i've been there. i've seen what those walls look like. and my faith in a higher power isn't in spite of those experiences, but because of them.
i believe in a God with the ability to create miracles in everyday existence and the power to comfort during times of sheer loneliness and despair.
i believe in a God who requires much, but eternally forgives misgivings.
i believe in a God who gives everyone the power of free will, and therefore can't make bad things go away, but can offer a brighter path.
i believe in a God who rejoices in our successes.
and i believe in a God who loves unconditionally.

my name is jessica bradley.
i'm a daughter.
big city dreamer.
vogue addict.
blackhawks fan.
travel enthusiast.
diet coke expert.
louboutin coveter.
katy perry lover.
fairy-tale believer.
and i'm a mormon.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

here come the hawks.

the long, hot summer is over.
it's gameday loves.
so you all know where i will be tonight.
and almost every night until june.
humming my favorite song...
let the quest for six begin.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

come one, come all.

while today marks the official return of hockey,
{the hawks don't play until tomorrow}
{so you don't have to worry about my annual sports girl post until manana}
it also marks the return of one of my absolute favorite shows on television that i hate and love and love and hate all at the same time: american horror story.
this year's theme? the freak show.

now, let me tell you, i am such a chicken when i comes to scary things.
not in the respect of non-participation,
{throw me into that haunted corn maze at will}
but more so the fact that my wild imagination kicks in right around 11:30pm after watching or participating in said scary event and there is just no hope on this green earth of me sleeping.
alas, my love for all things halloween & horror outweighs my love of sleep & comfort and yours truly is an addict to everything haunted.

the new season tackles the spooks of a old time circus featured freak show in florida.
this show is not a recommendation for any of you with a faint stomach, heart, head, offensive barometer or anti-halloweenism.
nothing wrong with any of that, this just probably just isn't your cup of tea.
try hallmark. i love that, too.
however, if you can stay with this it is without doubt one of the most brilliantly written and acted shows on television.
jessica lange is second to none.

i have loved all the pre-features of the season in getting to know the different members of the "freak" show, many of which are unique in their own way.
today's revolved around ben woolf, who plays meep.
mr. wolf played a role in AHS' first season {the murder house} and i kind of have such a soft spot for him, particularly more after watching this clip, which isn't scary i promise.
but more so a reminder to treat everyone we meet with kindness and respect.
because we are all just doing what we can to change the world in our own ways.

happy haunting loves.

{photo via pinterest}

new home. same moi.

whelp, i am officially a resident of salt lake city.
which for those of you who have never visited here before, can best be described as living in a hallmark channel movie.
and if you don't watch those than there is no hope of happiness in this life for you.
{seriously, they are my jam.}

this last week has been an absolute blur of moving in and shopping and making phone calls and getting acquainted with my new home, which i am thoroughly in love with.
but today my new power chord {i have been living via phone internet for the past you don't even want to know how many weeks} FINALLY arrived which means this here place is back in business.

life is brimming with fun new things to fill ya in on, 
but i have a hockey game to watch soooooo 
until tomorrow, here are a few snaps from the past week.
yes, my apartment is in the works of becoming the next set double for olivia pope's.
and yes, some of that shoe collection is stored in my kitchen.
and yes yes, that's the view of the city from my window.
dreamy much?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

27 dresses.

i'm the kind of girl that doesn't throw the term "best friend" around loosely.
i'm also the kind of girl who doesn't really do "acquaintances".
i either love ya to the moon and back or just meh.
i've always been an all in or nothing kind of gal anyway, 
so this is not new.

the truly great thing about having a few close gals to call my own,
is the more than a few close moments i get to spend with every single one of them.
big life events on repeat.
sincerely special and all their own every single time.

so guess what?!?
another of my dearest & darling friends is getting married!
and i could not be more wedding planner j.lo inspired excited for this one.
i don't think i have truly ever had someone so close to me so honestly deserve all the good things life has to offer as this one.
she's the kitty to my katy.
now the bride to my bridesmaid.
the green juice to my diet coke.
the gisele to my bundchen.
the...okay you get the point.

august 2015 can't come soon enough!
get ready san celemente 'cause we are coming for you.

thank you for asking me to be a part of your big day jc, 
can't wait to party at the casa with you all night long.

{photo via pinterest!}

Monday, August 25, 2014

here i go...

i have always been a firm believer in creating your own personal change.
and success.
we live in a world where the easy way out of a lot of things is offered to us on a silver platter with usually a few silver dollar signs attached.
and while something quicker & easier always seems better,
if i have learned anything in life it's that success achieved by nothing less than your hardest efforts, usually mixed in with a helluva lot of obstacles, is the truest and happiest form of the feeling.
something you complete with your own will can never be taken away from you.

and so in the past few months of figuring out exactly what i need to do to get a little closer to all those grand dreams a girl like me has, i have realized it's time for a change.
a big change.
one of those leap of faith kind of changes.

and thus i am moving.
to salt lake city.
did you fall out of your chair yet?

considering 3 years ago when i left happy valley, usa and swore i would never return, when my mom suggested the move about a month ago the conversation ended in a minor screaming match. 
and a flat out no, on my part.
but as much am i'm an advocate for that personal change mentioned above, 
i'm also one for those instances where God humbles you into a place where you can finally see a grander picture.
and while utah might never be my favorite state of the 50, it's my grander picture.
for now.
both literally and figuratively closer to my ultimate dream of carrie bradshaw'ism in the big apple. right?

so the good news is: it will not be provo.
i really meant what i said when i said i wasn't going back. 
like ever.
it's more like the cutest top floor studio smack dab in the middle of downtown slc.
and it's 100% exactly where i feel i need to be to create the next grand adventures of my life.
i am absolutely terrified and completely at peace all at the same time.
that's how i know it's right.
that and the fact that i will literally be living one block away from Nordstrom.

come visit loves.

Friday, August 15, 2014

giveaway WINNNER!

it's giveaway day friends!
{actually it's a day late but yesterday was tornado of a busy day}
i had such a great time reading all your comments and emails with descriptions of your favorite beauty products.
you better believe i made a list of them all.
and we dooooo have a winner to announce this morning!
{chosen by random selection}
{and by random selection i mean everyone's names thrown into a blackhawks hat}
{my survival skills are killer...i know}

our winner is: BROOK!

congratulations darling lady!
please email with your address 
and i will throw your prize into the mail asap.

look out soon for another obsession of the week giveaway.
it might have something to do with music.
good music.

{image via pinterest}

Monday, August 11, 2014

obsession of the week {giveaway!}

yesterday while waltzing through my sunday activities i was asked by three separate women what my "skincare secret" is.
minus the obvious ideas of drinking more water than diet coke, 
{which is A LOT}
not wearing makeup on saturdays,
{let things breathe people!} 
and allllwaaayyyys washing my face before falling asleep, 
{no matter how tired i am}
my tiny secret is more than just an expensive bottle of foundation. 
{although i swear by that too}
but for those not willing to slap the dollar bills down for a bottle of goop, here is something wellllll worth your financial investment.
my mini-facial secret.
i picked this bottle of magic up on a whim while checking out at Ulta one day and quickly came to swear by it.
i would recommend the 4 oz bottle over the larger one because i have heard if it sits for too many months in your beauty cabinet the sudsy stuff turns more soapy than exfoliant.
for someone with a bajillion jobs my fav thing about it is how eaaaaaasyyyy it is.
scrub for 30 seconds, wash it off and then you are on your way.

but here is where this day just keeps getting better.
i believe a secret shared in full is the only way to go, so i am giving away a 4 oz size of your very own!
because i promise y'all will get addicted to this stuff the second it lands in your hands.

so here are the rules:
the giveaway lasts until this WEDNESDAY, august 13th.
all you have to do to enter is comment with YOUR favorite beauty product either here, on facebook or on instagram. 
{don't be alarmed by the instagram "private" setting, 
i promise to accept your request as long as you don't look like a creepster}
OR you can email
the winner will be announced on thursday!

good luck.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


i don't think my life has ever been as completely messy as it is in this very moment.
now i usually equate the idea of messy with bad.
but i'm learning it's not necessarily bad if you let go of the fear to run back to what was comfortable 
and push through to the other side.
one foot in front of the other.
i prefer mine with heels on, 
but y'all wear whatever floats your boat.

and while some people move away from what they know at a crossroads, 
i feel i have only moved closer to what i know while standing here.
closer to a God that loves me and a group of people on this earth more devoted to me than i will ever deserve.
including this dear community.
i receive a lot of great feeback from here, 
and as with most things on the internet, i've received the opposite, as well.
but i saved these two blurbs from sweet readers that i refer to anytime i start wondering what in the world i am doing here...

so thank you to these two lovely ladies.
your kind words are more of a reminder of who i hope to one day be than you will ever know.
and a thank you to everyone within my support system, you included.
because sometimes you have to see yourself through the eyes of others to be reminded of everything you forgot you had to offer.
it's why we aren't alone.
it's why nobody ever makes it where they want to be without the humilty to let others hold your hand as long as needed. 
...i'm still working on that one.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

{me & dating} the imperfect pair.

it's a side of life i have rarely allowed myself to be open to for so so many reasons.
the specifics of which i am not about to throw all over the internet.
but i will say this: 
the more i open myself up to the possibility of making my life an effort in doubles tennis, 
the more i realize i don't want the fairy tale anymore.
i want what is just beyond that.
the reality of it all.
which requires much more than allowing yourself to simply be swept up off your feet.

i recently discovered the brilliant mft shelly bullard.
other than wanting to become her bff for life simply because i feel like she probably would understand my soul to its deepest core, i found an article she wrote a couple of years back about relationships.
any sort of relationship could actually suffice, not just those of my dating dramatics.
in this specific article she tackled the idea of fear keeping us from really getting what we want.
which if you have ever tried talking relationships with me you can almost reach out and physically touch the wall of fear i project.

as a self-diagnosed control freak i have a problem letting things/people in my life get truly close to me, because it leaves room for the possibility of the unplanned.
and as a party planner, there is no detail i don't go over 10 times before presenting it to the world.
i make a living over-thinking and over-controling evvverryyyythingggg.
and there you have my problem.
when something {or someone} comes into my life and i have no control over their effect on my world, i run. fast.
oh so very, very fast.
it's one of the many reasons i entered this experiment as probably the happiest 27 year old, mormon, single girl you will ever find.
my world was my kind of perfect. 
{actually nowhere near perfection, but you get the point.}
everything was in place the way i had placed it.
which is great and all, until you realize you want something more.
you realize you want the unpredictable because therein lies the unimaginable.
and with the unimaginable lies the magic in life.

but getting to that point requires conquering fears, 
many of which i refused to ever crack the "perfection" of my world over.
am i enough?
pretty enough? smart enough? nice enough? patient enough? kind enough? fun enough? challenging enough? skinny enough? imaginative enough? caring enough?
alllll the enoughs that if you spend enough time mulling over, 
you end up with enough doubt to talk yourself right out of the situation all together

i was recently told that i am hard to read.
oh holy, was this news to me!
here i thought i had spent the last 6 weeks being nothing but absolutely easy to read.
i thought i had put everything out on the line.
i thought i had been open.
but in staring at myself in that mirror and having someone else point out my actions,
i came to realize i am a lot of my own problem.
my fear of being vulnerable doesn't let anyone get nearly close enough to me for an us to ever succeed.
my fear of being left almost always guarantees i am left because the real me is never present.
and my fear of something bad happening keeps me from all the good that can happen as well.

so here i am.
at the beginning
and it's a very messy version of myself that i have never been confident enough to tackle before.
i'm ready to jump into the pool and try to get to the other side of fear and doubt and the possibility of failure. 
all those enoughs.
and the more i try, the more unsure i become if we ever truly make it to the other side without letting that other person jump in with us.
not to fix you, because you have to fix yourself in this world.
but to help you.
i'm beginning to believe help is okay after all.

so here's to a summer of like and love and everything in between.
you can always be enough.
i guess that's really the point of all this.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

yep, that's me.

oh hey it's me.
i'm alive! 
and well.
hope you are too.
more life details to come when i am not running around like a mad woman.
happy july.
the girl who likes to complicate all the processes