Monday, December 16, 2013

final answer? yes.

i am often asked the same thing,
why do you love hockey?
i mean, it is a valid question.
on any given day i enter a room with firmly hairsprayed curls and a full face of makeup.
{and yes people, the eyelashes are fake}
a perfectly placed outfit and sky high heels anywhere between 5-6 inches tall.
my purse always matches that outfit and i could talk celebrity gossip or politics up the ying yang with you given enough diet coke to keep me going.
and it's not really a high maintenance thing, but more of an i loooooove being a girl thing.
even more, i looooove being girly.
pink and frillls and curls and bows and over the top romantic movies make me giggle with happiness.
i enjoy a well done pedicure as much as i don't enjoy camping.
and i own more shades of lipstick than christian has grey.
yet, there are few things that make me happier in life than a damn good hockey game.
and given the former, the later seems perfectly questionable.
a reasonable assumption that my personality and that game just don't go hand in hand

now i could sit here and try to explain that the adrenaline rush you get when your team scores the game winning goal with 17 seconds left is an addiction.
or that fighting is legal in this sport...which is pretty cool.
or that watching grown men go to a time-out box always makes me laugh.
or that hockey fans are the type you can hug after a huge goal having never said a word to them previously in your life.  and then suddenly you have bonded with a stranger over a game that in reality actually means nothing, but still means everything at the same time.
or that it's the only game that can make me so nervous sometimes it is best that i don't actually watch it.
{i might have spent more time in my bed with the covers over my head during last season's playoffs than WATCHING the games}
or that you would be hard pressed to find a professional sporting organization with players and employees that treats their fans better than those of the nhl.
yes, i could sit here and try to explain all that and still...
the question would most likely remain unanswered.

but last night i sat watching the first episode of 
24/7: road to the winter classic.
{a hbo reality show documenting the weeks leading up to the BIG winter classic game on jan 1st.  a HIGH recommendation to anyone wondering what the big deal about hockey is.}
and the introduction left me absolutely speechless minus the exact words i have always tried to find: why i love hockey.


{photo via pinterest}

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  1. I think it's awesome for a girly girl to love a sport! I admire your passion for hockey. :) I typically only get excited about sports if I'm watching them live.