Sunday, December 8, 2013

monday eve.

a few happy thoughts at weekend's end:
my dear hawks lost round one of the holy war. 
{that's not the happy part of these thoughts, i know people.}
thankfully, we go duck hunting again in january and i have a sneaky feeling the outcome might be a bit different that time around.

i don't care what any person says, i LOVED the sound of music live on NBC and i haven't stopped listening to the music since.  my girl carrie killed it.  it wasn't perfect...but theatre never is.  funny to think i almost forgot how magical that musical is.

 i have discovered the secret to life is getting 10 hours of sleep every night.  this is impossible to do with the schedule i keep.  but...there you have that.

hallmark christmas movies solve lives.  like tonight, i learned that all these years when i was wondering what i needed to do to find a good guy, what i should have been doing was jumping on my bed and kicking my shoes toward the door and spinning around 3 times every night.  that wisdom is brought to you courtesy of let it snow, the most recent movie off my dvr.

 and if you don't have cable, carbs ALSO solve problems.  you're welcome.

roar was nominated for song of the year at the grammy's.  i would like to think in some way the fact that i purchased it about 20x for various people in my life had something to do with that.

the ladies who run our local chinese take-out spot are some of my favorite people ever.  mainly because they give me extra noodles & fortune cookies.

my little munchkin brother comes home from college this week,
 {he lives in hawaii guys, don't feel sorry for him} 
and i could not be MORE excited to have my bff in crime back.

sometimes when i am out running i forget my music is in my ears only, which means the folks on the trail get a terribly tuned personal concert courtesy of moi.  yesterday is was a lot of "do-re-me'ing".

at the end of the day i think being a nice human is all that really matters.  that and the ounces of diet coke you have consumed.

so happy 2 weeks until christmas, y'all!

{photo courtesy of pinterest!}

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  1. I didn't watch the SOM special, but I've seen all the vitriol and it makes me sad. Glad to hear someone who likes it. This is why I like you! Liking things is way more fun than not liking things! :)