Thursday, December 26, 2013

may your days be merry & bright.

did you have yourself a merry little christmas?
we kicked off the fun with our annual tradition of christmas eve at south coast plaza.

we lunched at the nordies cafe and finished up some last minute shopping for dear friends.
after shopping, i hallmark channeled my life away while doing my christmas cards.

i think i could watch a hallmark movie a day and never grow tired of people falling in love in elevators and christmas tree lots and such.
you too, right? right.
then we headed out for our annual christmas eve dinner.
every year we eat at this one mexican restaurant in town and i tend to get way too giddy over christmas colored chips and salsa.
because i can.

after dinner we drove out to our favorite christmas house to see the lights...

this is the last year this house will be in the neighborhood so we paid homage where homage was due.
i'm purheetttyy sure the astronauts were doing the same, as i don't doubt you can see this house from all aspects of outer space.
and yes, even the grass is covered.

christmas morning did not disappoint.
santa brought me the jersey i have been wanting my whole hockey fan-dom life.

patrick sharp is my absolute favorite player and has been since day 1.
the start of my hockey lovin' life a few years back was a titch unconventional, and by unconventional i mean i picked teams and players at random.
and if i am one thing in life it is loyal.
so once i picked i never strayed.
{even when chicago went down 3-1 against detroit last playoffs}
but the team i picked to love just so happened to go on to win 2 stanley cups in the past 4 years. and the player i picked to adore just so happened to actually be really good at hockey.
with odds like that i'm surprised y'all aren't cramming to take me to vegas!

we took the concept of "christmas jammies" to an entirely new level with these onesies courtesy of my bro & sissy-in-law.

and not to be left out for his fabulous taste in gift giving, my little brother got me a blackhawks pom-pom hat to watch the winter classic in!

probably because he has grown tired of the fact that every time we watch a hockey game i scream, i need a pom-pom hat!
either way, i have one now.

i hope your christmas season continues to bring days that are merry & bright.
soooo excited for new year's eve!
hoping for a big ducks win & a night of sparkle.

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