Saturday, December 14, 2013

evil did not win.

 last night my internet went out with 8 minutes left in my so terrible it was fantastic netflix christmas movie.
yes, i am one of thoooooose people addicted to corny, ridiculous holiday fare.
so there you have that.
after trying and trying to get the internet up and running, i finally went into desperation mode {also called 3G} and watched the remaining minutes on my iPhone in my living room.
after all was over {they ended up together, phew!} i hopped on facebook for one last minute glance and saw a post from alissa parker.

the name might not be familiar to some, but others might recall that alissa's 6 year old daughter, emilie, was one of the sweet babies killed last year in sandy hook elementary.
and then i remembered that today is the one year anniversary of the shooting.
and i sat by my christmas tree watching the lights sparkle and started to cry.
not just for sweet little emilie, but for the other families who have been facing the unimaginable hardship of losing a child or a sister or a mother without notice in an act of nothing less than pure hatred & evil.
i cried thinking of how a year ago last night they all tucked their kids into bed with the holiday spirit in the air.
and i cried thinking of lives forever changed by something too horrific to fathom.

because i can't fathom it.
i try not to fathom it.
the hole is seemingly too great.
but then i read the latest post on alissa's blog by her husband, robbie.
 the title is the same as above, and the video carries with it the greatest message we could ever learn: 
that evil did not, in fact, win.

earlier this week at a press conference the families asked reporters not visit this weekend and the world to shut off the news.  instead of being glued to the tv, become glued to your own community.
serve and love and make the difference.
because THAT is the true way to honor those now gone.
so today i do just that...
my tv is shut off and i am on my way out to help santa create some christmas magic for 10 people from a local shelter that houses abused women & children.
reading through their lists this week has been nothing short of one of the most humbling experiences of my life.
one sweet girl asked for a cuticle trimmer.
a cuticle trimmer.
do you know how many of those i have laying around every drawer from my bathroom to my bedroom?
and yet, that is the prized possession she hopes for santa to drop off this christmas eve.

the world is a great and funny thing.
but i feel so blessed to live in a space where from the ashes of tragedy can rise hope and good and gratitude.
that i believe in a God who loves and comforts and heals.
and that evil did not win.
because it didn't.
but only we have the power to prove it.


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