Saturday, November 2, 2013

welcome november.

{photo by inslee most FAV artist ever}
as i am quickly becoming the ryan seacrest of the normal world,
{balancing 3 jobs and something that could be called a social life on some level}
i have set another goal to be far more fantastic 
at visiting you this month.
i have a new friday column in the works,
{promise to email you those questions miss morris}
as it is my birthday month...something fun in the terms of a countdown.
i turn 27 {oh boy!} in 22 days.
and although i have learned far more than 27 things in my life,
{at least I would like to think so}
i am going to dwindle it down to this month's magic number.
i very rarely talk about my actual feelings here, and like with anything else i do in life, there is an absolute reason for that.
so let's get a little bit personal and have a whole lot of fun over the next 22 days while i share 27 pieces of what i have learned over the years and some of my maybe so-maybe not so magical wisdom until the big day when i have to take another step toward being something that resembles a grown up.
ready? set? let's go.

 1.  sometimes diet coke is the only thing that gets me through my day.
guys, i have read the stories and watched the videos and i might just maybe drop dead in the next second because of my diet coke addiction, but then again...i might also get hit by a car this afternoon or fall and break my leg, neither of which will stop me from driving or wearing the highest heels this world has to offer.
all i am here to say is diet coke is my jam y'all.
and you can't take that away from this birthday girl.

2.  let it be
life is life.
you can't slow it down or stop it or repeat it.
and that's the great and terrible thing of it all.
it's gonna overwhelm and defeat you at times, 
and then at other times it's gonna make you so happy you cry.
so just take it all in...and let it be. 
{still working on this one...}

{uncredited photos via pinterest!}

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  1. Ha, well it's easy for someone who doesn't have a Diet Coke addiction (like me) to say it's bad for you, but trust me, nobody better try to deprive me of my addictions!! p.s. Love your blog!