Saturday, November 30, 2013

welcome november {part 6}

 19. social media junkie.
i have this dear friend E, with whom i love having thee most in depth conversations about life & love with,
but i also love that she is the one person in this world i can go to dinner with and both of us are perfectly happy sitting at a table in the happiness of our friendship scrolling our manicured nails across the screens of our phones and sharing all our finds.
it sounds weird. but it isn't.
i loooovveee social meida.
twitter. instagram. blogs. etc.
but even more?
i love the people i have in my life because of the strings social media helps to intertwine.
i can honestly say some of the favorites in my world would be people to NEVER cross my path were it not for this wacky world of virtual connection.
so there you have that.

20. like water.
as i have gotten older i have realized i spent far too much time in my life being hard on people.
people are just people and they make mistakes.
and yet, i put people on pedestals and then can't fathom when they fall.
even though it is human to fall.
and i put kinks in lovely relationships because of it.
now granted, there are like 2, oh okay 4, people who honestly deserved it.
{just trust me on that one}
but to all the rest, i realize i should have been a little more understanding.
a little more flexible.
a little more soft.
a little water.

21. think pink!
i have always believed wedding dresses should be pink.
mine probably will be.
and thank you reese witherspoon for making this socially acceptable. 

22. let love in.
i am the worst at letting myself be loved.
most of my life i have viewed giving it as the most important part.
and it's not from an angle of self doubt or not feeling worthy,
but rather not wanting to be weak or needy.
but then there are all the times i have been kicked to the curbs of life and had no other choice but to let love in.
and those are the times that proved me wrong.
i'm ready to start a new year of giving.
and letting it come right back.
because it always does.
and to that i say...thank goodness.

23. it's a hell of a life.
it really is, isn't it?
so here is a cheers to all the good and bad and happy and sad and wonderful and terrible that fills those in between times
because at the end of the day, 
isn't it just great to be here?


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  1. Somehow missed this post until now. Love #19! :) And the idea of a pink wedding dress. You should totally do it!