Thursday, November 21, 2013

welcome november {part 5}

18. be the example.
this year i had a friend teach me a very great lesson.
the funny thing is friend is such an interesting term to use because she is someone i have actually had very little personal interaction with.
but our various connections through the years have turned her into someone i have incredible admiration for and whom i consider to be very dear to me.
so...a friend i call her.

our story started in college.
she sat in front of me in a literature & film class on tuesday & thursday afternoons.
i remember thinking she was one of the most graceful people i had ever met.
i remember she was engaged and so excited to get married.
i remember her being gorgeous, intelligent, funny...
the kind of girl you want to be your best girlfriend.
we chitted and we chatted that year, but eventually went about both our merry ways.
she got married,
{she was the kind of bride people put in magazines}
and i kept up with what she was doing in her life from various facebook posts over time.
last year this dear, sweet girl lost her husband in an accident.
i remember seeing the post and feeling shattered.
why do such horrific things happen to such good people?
it's a question no one can really answer.
her family set up a way to make donations and i gave what little i could.
i had no idea if she even remembered me, but she had always been an example to me of someone who lived life the way it should be lived and i wanted to give back.

this past year, as some of you know, one of my best friends in the entire world was diagnosed with cancer.
again, i found myself asking:
why do such horrific things happen to such good people?
but i wanted to do what little i could so i took to you lovely people and asked for any sort of donation to adrienne's fight that people could make.
nothing would be too little or small.
the next morning i woke up to a text adrienne had sent me in the middle of the night about a significant donation she had received from a complete stranger.
when she told me the name i knew exactly who it was.
it was that sweet girl who had sat in front of me in English class all those years ago.

that day she wrote me an email that i will never, ever forget.
{i mean, the girl was an english was. BEAUTIFUL}
i have it printed and read it often to be reminded of the good that is still left in this world.
but more importantly, her words taught me one of the greatest lessons i have ever learned:
that when life gets tough you go to work.
a call to action is what she specifically stated it as.
give back.
love others.
and through all that...
others will be sent into your life to love you right back.

so happy {yesterday} birthday dear Lindsey,
you have taught me more things about life and all it's purposes than this silly birthday list could ever emulate.
i can honestly say i have never, ever met someone that has shown me the face of generosity & kindness the way you have.
 you are my example.
and for that, i am forever grateful.

{photo via pinterest}

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