Tuesday, November 19, 2013

welcome november {part 4}

 16. scotland the brave.
at work i watch aaaaaaa lot of golf.
one day i overheard this saying, referred to by the announcers as a "scottish motto":
we aren't perfect, but we are honest.
i loved it so much i wrote it out 
and pinned it on my board at my desk.
because as a self-diagnosed perfectionist, i have absolutely learned in life that being honest in things: work, relationships, living in general...is far better than being perfect in them.

17. if the game of life was the game of hockey.
the more i watch hockey the more i am convinced the rules of life should be a bit more similar to the rules on the ice.
the ability to give someone exactly what you feel they deserve,
{in the most brutal of ways}
sit in time-out for 2 minutes,
{or 5 if you really gave em a good right hook}
and then go about your merry way.
sounds like a plan to me.


{images via pinterest & usa today}

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