Monday, November 18, 2013

welcome november {part 3}

11. a whole new 'do.
i believe there are very few problems in life that cannot be solved with a good haircut and brad new color.
it's not superficial.
it's confidence.
and confidence, my loves, is everything.

12. carrie.
if ever a character was created to remind me of me it would be carrie bradshaw.
{although i aspire to be a charlotte...maybe in another life?}
and i don't mean that in that fun carrie way, because, what girl doesn't want to be carrie in that way?
no, my relation to her is through her flaws.
i am a bit too selfish and driven, at times a bit too tunnel visioned.
and when it comes to love i tend to let myself fall back into the same bad habits.
over and over and over again.
and i freak out about how it will all end far too often.
and i get mad and impatient over the silliest of things.
and if ever given the chance i would probably make my significant other swear on chanel.
but i am surrounded by people who love me despite my flaws.
and that was always carrie's greatest strength, right?
her people.
and my people are the best. 

 13. sunday will come.
as i have stated in past my religion and my beliefs are something so very dear to my soul.
and absolutely not up for discussion on this platform.
that being said, it is the absolute foundation of who i am.
i love my knowledge in things that are good and peaceful.
i love the community i am a part of because of it.
i love the relationship i personally have with God.
and for all that i consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

14. florals are so in.
peonies are my favorite flower.
when i have my own home i want to be the lady who always has fresh peonies on her kitchen table.

15. currently listening.
at this moment in my life the new gavin degraw album, make a move, is everything to me.
and the new KP album. duh.
the minutes of my days are filled up with the constant interchanging of the two.


{photos via pinterest}

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