Sunday, November 10, 2013

welcome november {part 2}

#3. new york state of mind.
i will die having lived in new york city.
i don't know how or when it will happen.
but i do know it's my favorite place in the world.
paris is magical and london is whimsical, but new york?
new york is the place on earth i feel the most like me.
and in my opinion, a place like that should always be home.

#4. when all else fails, eat cereal.
at almost 27 i am still far from being the next giada.
and my future children might actually starve.
but i have become an excellent connoisseur of breakfast cereal,
so if you ever need an opinion...i'm your girl.

#5. kate of spades.
kate spade is my favorite everyday wear designer.
because it's like katy perry & audrey hepburn collaborated on a lifestyle and everything came out spades.

#6. katy my lady.
speaking of katy perry, 
i have always seen a lot of myself and who i hope to be in her.
the ambition, the drive, a search for love and the ability to never lose sight of the fact that a good tutu is always a good idea.
she's my favorite person on this planet that is not actually a real person in my life.
but you all already knew that,
soooo moving on. 

#7. o christmas tree.
the holidays are perhaps my happiest time of every year.
i love being wrapped up in the joy and selfless spirit of the season.
but deep down, 
they are also just a tiny bit of my saddest time of year.
and it's a sadness i can't really put into words.
because i'd be crazy not to appreciate everything i do have.
but i'd also be lying if i didn't admit that every once in a while it hits me that i am not where i thought i would be in life.
i am much farther along, just in a different direction.
and it's not a bad direction, just a different one.
and during the holidays...that resonates a bit more than the rest of times.

#8. my girl gang.
the above being honestly said,
the one thing i have never longed for in life is a set of fiercely loyal girlfriends.
they have always been something, thankfully, i have had an abundance of.  a set of strong women, from all eras of my life, who have stood by me through it all.
laughed and danced when it was time to have fun.
cried & held me in times a little less of the former.
and told me the gosh awful truth when i needed to be set straight.
so from the bottom of the heart that when broken they all patched back together...
thank you.

#9. waking up laughing.
martina mcbride named one of her albums after this much sought after feeling.  and i'm not really certain anyone could confirm it's actual existance.
maybe it's a myth we all just hope can become our reality?
regardless, i believe in it.
and i wait for the day i wake up laughing.

#10. come what may.
i found this picture on oprah's website one night.
it's a picture she says always brings her best friend gayle to tears.
so naturally, i made it my special picture.
{i mean you all know the pedastal oprah lives on in my life}
and as corny and cheesy as it makes me, 
i always look at it when i get down on myself.
because for me, it's the hope for my future.
a family, a big city and the rockin ability to wear floor length florals for the rest of my days.


{all photos via pinterest}

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  1. Totally understand having a place where you just feel like yourself. I wish I could be living in mine! Love this post.