Saturday, November 30, 2013

welcome november {part 6}

 19. social media junkie.
i have this dear friend E, with whom i love having thee most in depth conversations about life & love with,
but i also love that she is the one person in this world i can go to dinner with and both of us are perfectly happy sitting at a table in the happiness of our friendship scrolling our manicured nails across the screens of our phones and sharing all our finds.
it sounds weird. but it isn't.
i loooovveee social meida.
twitter. instagram. blogs. etc.
but even more?
i love the people i have in my life because of the strings social media helps to intertwine.
i can honestly say some of the favorites in my world would be people to NEVER cross my path were it not for this wacky world of virtual connection.
so there you have that.

20. like water.
as i have gotten older i have realized i spent far too much time in my life being hard on people.
people are just people and they make mistakes.
and yet, i put people on pedestals and then can't fathom when they fall.
even though it is human to fall.
and i put kinks in lovely relationships because of it.
now granted, there are like 2, oh okay 4, people who honestly deserved it.
{just trust me on that one}
but to all the rest, i realize i should have been a little more understanding.
a little more flexible.
a little more soft.
a little water.

21. think pink!
i have always believed wedding dresses should be pink.
mine probably will be.
and thank you reese witherspoon for making this socially acceptable. 

22. let love in.
i am the worst at letting myself be loved.
most of my life i have viewed giving it as the most important part.
and it's not from an angle of self doubt or not feeling worthy,
but rather not wanting to be weak or needy.
but then there are all the times i have been kicked to the curbs of life and had no other choice but to let love in.
and those are the times that proved me wrong.
i'm ready to start a new year of giving.
and letting it come right back.
because it always does.
and to that i say...thank goodness.

23. it's a hell of a life.
it really is, isn't it?
so here is a cheers to all the good and bad and happy and sad and wonderful and terrible that fills those in between times
because at the end of the day, 
isn't it just great to be here?


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Thursday, November 21, 2013

welcome november {part 5}

18. be the example.
this year i had a friend teach me a very great lesson.
the funny thing is friend is such an interesting term to use because she is someone i have actually had very little personal interaction with.
but our various connections through the years have turned her into someone i have incredible admiration for and whom i consider to be very dear to me.
so...a friend i call her.

our story started in college.
she sat in front of me in a literature & film class on tuesday & thursday afternoons.
i remember thinking she was one of the most graceful people i had ever met.
i remember she was engaged and so excited to get married.
i remember her being gorgeous, intelligent, funny...
the kind of girl you want to be your best girlfriend.
we chitted and we chatted that year, but eventually went about both our merry ways.
she got married,
{she was the kind of bride people put in magazines}
and i kept up with what she was doing in her life from various facebook posts over time.
last year this dear, sweet girl lost her husband in an accident.
i remember seeing the post and feeling shattered.
why do such horrific things happen to such good people?
it's a question no one can really answer.
her family set up a way to make donations and i gave what little i could.
i had no idea if she even remembered me, but she had always been an example to me of someone who lived life the way it should be lived and i wanted to give back.

this past year, as some of you know, one of my best friends in the entire world was diagnosed with cancer.
again, i found myself asking:
why do such horrific things happen to such good people?
but i wanted to do what little i could so i took to you lovely people and asked for any sort of donation to adrienne's fight that people could make.
nothing would be too little or small.
the next morning i woke up to a text adrienne had sent me in the middle of the night about a significant donation she had received from a complete stranger.
when she told me the name i knew exactly who it was.
it was that sweet girl who had sat in front of me in English class all those years ago.

that day she wrote me an email that i will never, ever forget.
{i mean, the girl was an english was. BEAUTIFUL}
i have it printed and read it often to be reminded of the good that is still left in this world.
but more importantly, her words taught me one of the greatest lessons i have ever learned:
that when life gets tough you go to work.
a call to action is what she specifically stated it as.
give back.
love others.
and through all that...
others will be sent into your life to love you right back.

so happy {yesterday} birthday dear Lindsey,
you have taught me more things about life and all it's purposes than this silly birthday list could ever emulate.
i can honestly say i have never, ever met someone that has shown me the face of generosity & kindness the way you have.
 you are my example.
and for that, i am forever grateful.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

let go & just be free.

i have to stop our november birthday wild & wisdom-y countdown for something majorly important:
thee katy perry unconditionally music video.

i absolutely love this song.
because it's not just about a romance, but all different types of love we experience with those in our lives.
i think it's well known that she wrote it about john mayer.
but in a recent interview she said that although, yes, it was inspired by him, it was also written as a reflection on her trip to africa this past year where she truly saw what love can do.
that the greatest & most genuine gift of all is unconditional love.

although right now, alls i need to know is...
where do i pick up that white Chanel dress for my holiday party season?
i mean...right?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

welcome november {part 4}

 16. scotland the brave.
at work i watch aaaaaaa lot of golf.
one day i overheard this saying, referred to by the announcers as a "scottish motto":
we aren't perfect, but we are honest.
i loved it so much i wrote it out 
and pinned it on my board at my desk.
because as a self-diagnosed perfectionist, i have absolutely learned in life that being honest in things: work, relationships, living in far better than being perfect in them.

17. if the game of life was the game of hockey.
the more i watch hockey the more i am convinced the rules of life should be a bit more similar to the rules on the ice.
the ability to give someone exactly what you feel they deserve,
{in the most brutal of ways}
sit in time-out for 2 minutes,
{or 5 if you really gave em a good right hook}
and then go about your merry way.
sounds like a plan to me.


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Monday, November 18, 2013

welcome november {part 3}

11. a whole new 'do.
i believe there are very few problems in life that cannot be solved with a good haircut and brad new color.
it's not superficial.
it's confidence.
and confidence, my loves, is everything.

12. carrie.
if ever a character was created to remind me of me it would be carrie bradshaw.
{although i aspire to be a charlotte...maybe in another life?}
and i don't mean that in that fun carrie way, because, what girl doesn't want to be carrie in that way?
no, my relation to her is through her flaws.
i am a bit too selfish and driven, at times a bit too tunnel visioned.
and when it comes to love i tend to let myself fall back into the same bad habits.
over and over and over again.
and i freak out about how it will all end far too often.
and i get mad and impatient over the silliest of things.
and if ever given the chance i would probably make my significant other swear on chanel.
but i am surrounded by people who love me despite my flaws.
and that was always carrie's greatest strength, right?
her people.
and my people are the best. 

 13. sunday will come.
as i have stated in past my religion and my beliefs are something so very dear to my soul.
and absolutely not up for discussion on this platform.
that being said, it is the absolute foundation of who i am.
i love my knowledge in things that are good and peaceful.
i love the community i am a part of because of it.
i love the relationship i personally have with God.
and for all that i consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

14. florals are so in.
peonies are my favorite flower.
when i have my own home i want to be the lady who always has fresh peonies on her kitchen table.

15. currently listening.
at this moment in my life the new gavin degraw album, make a move, is everything to me.
and the new KP album. duh.
the minutes of my days are filled up with the constant interchanging of the two.


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Sunday, November 10, 2013

welcome november {part 2}

#3. new york state of mind.
i will die having lived in new york city.
i don't know how or when it will happen.
but i do know it's my favorite place in the world.
paris is magical and london is whimsical, but new york?
new york is the place on earth i feel the most like me.
and in my opinion, a place like that should always be home.

#4. when all else fails, eat cereal.
at almost 27 i am still far from being the next giada.
and my future children might actually starve.
but i have become an excellent connoisseur of breakfast cereal,
so if you ever need an opinion...i'm your girl.

#5. kate of spades.
kate spade is my favorite everyday wear designer.
because it's like katy perry & audrey hepburn collaborated on a lifestyle and everything came out spades.

#6. katy my lady.
speaking of katy perry, 
i have always seen a lot of myself and who i hope to be in her.
the ambition, the drive, a search for love and the ability to never lose sight of the fact that a good tutu is always a good idea.
she's my favorite person on this planet that is not actually a real person in my life.
but you all already knew that,
soooo moving on. 

#7. o christmas tree.
the holidays are perhaps my happiest time of every year.
i love being wrapped up in the joy and selfless spirit of the season.
but deep down, 
they are also just a tiny bit of my saddest time of year.
and it's a sadness i can't really put into words.
because i'd be crazy not to appreciate everything i do have.
but i'd also be lying if i didn't admit that every once in a while it hits me that i am not where i thought i would be in life.
i am much farther along, just in a different direction.
and it's not a bad direction, just a different one.
and during the holidays...that resonates a bit more than the rest of times.

#8. my girl gang.
the above being honestly said,
the one thing i have never longed for in life is a set of fiercely loyal girlfriends.
they have always been something, thankfully, i have had an abundance of.  a set of strong women, from all eras of my life, who have stood by me through it all.
laughed and danced when it was time to have fun.
cried & held me in times a little less of the former.
and told me the gosh awful truth when i needed to be set straight.
so from the bottom of the heart that when broken they all patched back together...
thank you.

#9. waking up laughing.
martina mcbride named one of her albums after this much sought after feeling.  and i'm not really certain anyone could confirm it's actual existance.
maybe it's a myth we all just hope can become our reality?
regardless, i believe in it.
and i wait for the day i wake up laughing.

#10. come what may.
i found this picture on oprah's website one night.
it's a picture she says always brings her best friend gayle to tears.
so naturally, i made it my special picture.
{i mean you all know the pedastal oprah lives on in my life}
and as corny and cheesy as it makes me, 
i always look at it when i get down on myself.
because for me, it's the hope for my future.
a family, a big city and the rockin ability to wear floor length florals for the rest of my days.


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Saturday, November 2, 2013

welcome november.

{photo by inslee most FAV artist ever}
as i am quickly becoming the ryan seacrest of the normal world,
{balancing 3 jobs and something that could be called a social life on some level}
i have set another goal to be far more fantastic 
at visiting you this month.
i have a new friday column in the works,
{promise to email you those questions miss morris}
as it is my birthday month...something fun in the terms of a countdown.
i turn 27 {oh boy!} in 22 days.
and although i have learned far more than 27 things in my life,
{at least I would like to think so}
i am going to dwindle it down to this month's magic number.
i very rarely talk about my actual feelings here, and like with anything else i do in life, there is an absolute reason for that.
so let's get a little bit personal and have a whole lot of fun over the next 22 days while i share 27 pieces of what i have learned over the years and some of my maybe so-maybe not so magical wisdom until the big day when i have to take another step toward being something that resembles a grown up.
ready? set? let's go.

 1.  sometimes diet coke is the only thing that gets me through my day.
guys, i have read the stories and watched the videos and i might just maybe drop dead in the next second because of my diet coke addiction, but then again...i might also get hit by a car this afternoon or fall and break my leg, neither of which will stop me from driving or wearing the highest heels this world has to offer.
all i am here to say is diet coke is my jam y'all.
and you can't take that away from this birthday girl.

2.  let it be
life is life.
you can't slow it down or stop it or repeat it.
and that's the great and terrible thing of it all.
it's gonna overwhelm and defeat you at times, 
and then at other times it's gonna make you so happy you cry.
so just take it all in...and let it be. 
{still working on this one...}

{uncredited photos via pinterest!}