Wednesday, October 9, 2013

when september ends...

as the summer months end, i introduce to my readers in boston, edmonton, madison and san fran:
 this is an incredibly awesome movement started by two friends discussing the fact that as fall approaches, people's motivation to work out plummets with the temperatures.
whether it be the fact that you don't have to be seen in a bathing suit anymore or you cancel your gym membership to afford holiday shopping,
in general, people eat more and workout less.
so the guys got to thinking and remembered a time in their lives with they were doing division I rowing competitions in college.
they didn't love the early practices and the insane workouts, but they never missed a day out of the fear of letting their teammates down.
enter the november project.

 november project: boston tribe

 november project: edmonton tribe

november project: madison tribe

here is how it works:
if you live in the participating cities,
{soooo sad OC doesn't have a chapter} 
follow their respective twitters to see where your next work out is located.  workouts are traditionally on monday, wednesday and friday at, get ready for it...5am.
but that's the fun in it!
you are up and in your city and ready to get fit and thrown into a group of strangers who are destined to become your friends when you are panting up football stadium staircases in the dead of night/morning.
the fuel behind the success is that you become attached to the people you are around, and feel a sense of accountability to keep showing up.
and that's the magic in it.
all you have to do to start is...SHOW UP!
everyone is encouraged.
the different tribes have memberships that range from olympic athletes to current professional athletes to recent couch potatoes.
all workouts are scalable and even better...100% FREE.
of cost and judgement.

photo courtesy of Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

visit the site to learn more:
the best part of the site is the "we missed you" section, where potentials who promised to show up never did and are called out by their friends.'re gonna have fun!
so make the commitment, not only to get fit this holiday season,
but to open your world up to new people,
and a new way of looking at life.

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  1. FYI, the workouts are at 6:30am (6am for Edmonton and there's a 5:30am Wednesday stadium group in Boston), not 5am - the early morning wake-up for Brogan and Bojan you see in the video is because they work out before the tribe so they can lead us. :)