Monday, October 21, 2013

let the light in.

tomorrow is KATY PERRY DAY!!
PRISM hits stores and i feel like the world is finally right again.
i previewed the album this weekend and...
i never thought i could love anything more than teenage dream
but she proved me very wrong.
as all great artists do.
she is a different person now.
wiser, still cheeky, a titch more broken, 
but stronger than the girl who lay naked on a cotton candy cloud just 3 short years ago.
and she is here to prove that light always wins over darkness.
no matter how dark that dark is.
from the text message sent by her now ex-husband asking her for a divorce to crediting the grace of God for saving her from wanting to commit suicide to letting new love in and learning it has the power to be absolutely unconditional,
she is who she is so you can take her or leave her.

roar is obvs her instant classic.
but it takes two is the one i have on repeat.
 i think usa today put it best:
she is a ball of vulnerability reborn to roar.
{the article is excellent here}
now don't you want to hear the whole prism story?
because it is just that.
a story.
and our girl has never told a story like this before.

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