Wednesday, September 25, 2013

join me!

calling allllllllllllllllll my fashionistas!
awards season is officially underway thanks to the Emmy start this past Sunday and our first best & worst album is officially posted {HERE}.
i love all the emails and texts and twitter shout outs i get in terms of the anticipation and genuine enjoyment of the albums.
i also love the difference in opinions, which is where you might come into the picture now.
for my upcoming albums of our best & worst of the 2014 awards season, i want to get a couple more contributors on the chopping block with me.
it doesn't require too much effort on your part. 
what i am envisioning can mostly be compared to a written form of E!'s fashion police.

here is what you would need to do:
watch the red carpet {or review the looks}.
submit the ones you feel we should discuss.
i would then chose about 30-40 looks and email them to you.
you get back to me that day with your thoughts on the dress.
you can like it, dislike it, love it or leave it.
your opinion is your own and nothing else matters.
the turnaround time is quick {like a day}, but that really is the only "hard" part about it.
the upcoming albums would include the SAG awards, golden globes and, of course, the oscars.

if you ARE interested, please email me at
sooooo excited for our new adventure together.

{photograph by Francois Halard}

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