Thursday, September 12, 2013

i heart NY: {the teenage dream}

so you probably never want to join me on a vacation if your idea of getting away involves any sort of relaxation.
day 2 of nyc went from 4am - 2am {the next morning}.
this post is dedicated soley to the katy perry portion of my trip, 
because let's be honest, it deserves it's own segment.
and i have to admit there was a part of me that didn't want to go.
what if she wasn't the person i thought she was?
what if she was a total diva?
i mean, can you imagine people, 

yet regardless of my fear of dream shatterment, 
i got up to the alarm at 4am ready to figure out the whole good morning america situation.
i have done the today show once before, 
but with my school which meant zero to zilch of the prep to get us there involved me making decisions.
sometimes it's nice to be a kid, huh?
i rolled into times square around 5:30am and found them setting up for her smack dab in the middle of the street and was able to snag one of the last front row spots available.
and then i waited.
the set was like a tropical paradise in the middle of nyc which was kinda cool.
they even had taken over every electronic billboard in the square and put her name everywhere with images of leaves and jungle flowers and then a big countdown clock for her arrival at 8:00am.
need i remind you it was still 5:30 in the morning...eek!
but this was clearly not gma's first rodeo and they brought out poster board and markers for people to make signs and kept the music pumping and the people happy during the wait.
they also blasted ROAR through all of times square every little while.
i was in KP heaven.

all morning they kept telling us if she is late we will do this and if she is late we will do that.
but helllooo gma, this wasn't katy's first rodeo either, and as ever the professional, girlfriend pulled up in her black suv promptly at 8:00am.
as katy-licious as ever.
{as you saw on tv if you watched.}
she is the queen of a crowd.
and she is incredibly personable.
she once said in an interview that she remembers what it was like to be on the other side of the barriers.
to be the fan, rather than the famous girl.
and she never wants to forget how exciting it was as a fan to meet that person you had always wanted to meet, and so she tries to conduct herself in ways that she had always hoped the famous people she looked up to would do.
when it was her turn to walk across the street for the outside interview, while the anchors and such ran across to get ready for the segment, she took her sweet time signing autographs, greeting fans and taking selfies with their cameras.
she was a little late for her call to our part of the set, but nobody really cared.
she was going to make it well worth everyone's while.

and suddenly there she was less than 3 feet in front of me.
in her frida braids and her hoop earrings and her daisy dress and her knee highs.
ever the 5 year old in the 27 year old's body.
she is tall.
she is GORGEOUS.
she is just as funny as you think.
{she had robin wrapped around her finger by the end of it}
and she is as genuine as i had always hoped she would be.
there seemed to be a part of her that was bit shell shocked by it all.
at one point off camera she looked like a deer in headlights.
which made her all the more real.
i think when people begin to expect certain things, they lose a sense of self.
famous or not famous.
when it came my turn to meet her i have to admit i froze and it was all i could do to smile and wave.
she smiled and waved back.
it was enough for me.
and at least i came across as a "calm & collected" fan, rather than the girls next to me who were literally crying.
she did her segment announcing her new album cover,
{can we say stunning?} 
and a big music video contest she will be holding in the coming months.
after it was all said and done they had a path for her to safely get back to the studio, but she decided to go out into the crowd instead to meet more people and sign more autographs and take more pictures.
much like i had experienced the day before with giada, 
she was in no hurry to get back into her car and drive off.
she took her time with people.
she knelt down to get on the same level as the little kids.
and rather than people simply taking pictures of her, she would snap the phones out of people's hands and turn them around so they could be in the picture with her.
class act that katy perry.

and then bethenny frankel came out to talk about her new book,
i cared long enough to take this picture and then...
oops! i was over it.
sorry bfrank.
all in all, the morning was perfect.
if you watch the segment i even get to be on tv in the same frame as her. fate much?
i can't imagine a better fit than seeing my favorite person of all time smack dab in the middle of my favorite city of all time.
it's that new york city magic i am always ranting about.
in it's truest form.

ps- that halloween costume for this year...
a tiger!!!
duh. duh. duuuuhhh.
it will be very katy perry-esque.
think stripes and glitter and wild hair...oh my!
and i will have to carry my katy-roar sign they gave us at the show around in my trick or treat bag.
i have basically come to terms with the fact that i will probably just be a version of katy perry each halloween for the rest of my life.
one of my besites is potentially going to be a lion,
as well as my sissy-in-law.
we are basically going to be a walking katy campaign.
like, could my brother have picked a better woman to marry?
i think not. 
watch're gonna hear us roar!

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  1. This is so cool. I entered a contest to meet Katy Perry, that I didn't win. Upon entering I wondered who I would take with me and naturally you came to mind. It wouldn't be right to take anyone but you. :)