Sunday, September 15, 2013

i heart NY: {day 2}

after my morning hangout with KP, i did what the classiest of women do and stopped for breakfast in the times square mcdonald's.
which is an experience entirely on its own people.
never, EVER complain about your local micky-d's being busy,
you haven't seen anything until you have visited this one.
after some nourishment i walked the few blocks down to madison square garden,
home of the new york rangers, 
which i felt was my hockey fan duty.
i then walked back up along 6th and 5th and lexington and madison weaving in and out of the streets just to be out and about with everyone.
i sauntered past that little place of miracles on 34th street.
and ended up back at the nhl store.

after my purchase i went to st. patrick's cathedral which was, once again, under construction.
and then walked right across the street to my favorite palace hotel, 
aka: the home of the van der woodsen clan in gossip girl.
if you are planning a nyc trip, take note of this hotel.
it is tucked away among the buildings, like everything else in the city, but if you walk in it's like you quite literally have stepped into a european palace.
i like to just sit in the waiting area above the grand staircase overlooking the courtyard,
{the famed spot of many dan & serena moments on gg}
which then in turn overlooks the back of the cathedral.

after my royal foot break, i walked up 5th avenue and had a thought to see if bergdorf's had any available lunch reservations for the day at their 7th floor restaurant.
i looked them up and sure enough, they had a spot for me at noon!
new york magic for 100, anyone?
now, before you think me all super fancy, please note i ate at mcdonald's and subway the rest of my trip to be able to do this.
it has always been my dream.
the waldorf salad and view are much talked about around town.
the customer service was out of this world impressive.
they sat me at a table right along the window {!eek!}  
and then asked if i would rather have a black napkin than the white one at the place setting to better match my outfit.
excuse me, come again?
in the words of annie, i thought to myself, 
i think i'm gonna like it here.
the decor is vintage tables and chairs with wallpaper, 
think old new york.
you would have expected grace kelly herself to be sitting in the dining area with you.
my waiter, adham, was perhaps the best waiter i have ever had out of anywhere i have ever eaten in my whole life.
he could tell immediately that i was not from new york because i was far too nice to be a native new yorker, and kind of helped me out with the lay of the land around bg's.
the bread basket was divine
{and yes, the ladies in new york eat the carbs}
and the diet coke comes to you in cute BOTTLES!
{naturally i would be the girl won over by the diet coke presentation}
my food was brought out less than 5 minutes after i ordered,
and before you think waldorf salad as one with apples and citrus, think more of a finely chopped chef's salad that could blow your mind if this were humanly possible.
that might also have something to do with that fact that you are lunching on it while looking out at this.

i finished my meal on the note of a white chocolate pudding cake drizzled in caramel sauce with a scoop of peanut butter ice cream on the side.
and then because they are bergdorf's and an after meal mint is far too common, they bring you your check with a chocolate macaroon on the side.
i could have stayed forever, but alas, it was only 1pm, i had things to do.

and by things to do i mean walk on over to my fav spot on the upper east side, 
the street where bloomingdale's and dylan's collides!
i managed to keep room for my favorite frozen hot chocolate at dylan's candy bar {peanut butter buster} and sat at my favorite window spot overlooking the bloomingdale's shoppers across the street.
and yes, i always think of the opening scene in serendipity when i am there.
after i was thoroughly stuffed i wandered over to park to take a picture of the actual 666 park avenue for my brother, because that's just the way we roll in this family.
then it was time to run over to the kate spade flagship store on madison, 
4 floors of absolute girly perfection.

the store is in an old upper east side mansion and therefore is loosely decorated as an actual house, but with her things intertwined.
my favorites were these old library books about fashion that she had sitting on the coffee tables or on the shelves.
when i have a house of my own it will most likely look a little something like that.
so effortlessly chic, with a touch of fairytale intertwined.

after kate spade i walked west a bit to central park and got caught on this gosh awful road that took you all the way across the park without any outlet to get off the road.
so a 1/2 mile later, and now on the upper west side, my aching feet and i decided to do as the locals do and go back into central park for a nap.
i set my alarm, laid down and literally fell asleep.
waking up to the guy next to me proposing to his girlfriend.
magical city, right?

 after my nap i went out onto the upper west side and took columbus all the way down to lincoln center to scope out fashion week.
along the way i passed by two of my favorite places on the UWS:
the temple,
and the empire hotel.
{home of chuck bass in gossip girl}
nothing too exciting was happening at fashion week so i stepped into the duane reede behind lincoln center to buy shoe inserts {because i am 60} and bandaids to give my feet some much needed cpr.
i mean, they were going on 15 hours by this point, let's give them some credit. i then walked over to columbus circle to meander around the shops and go to bouchon bakery.
but i was so insanely tired that i couldn't fathom waiting for my food, so i left and hunched into a subway for some immediate sandwich gratification.
i hoped onto the train back to brooklyn for a girls night in with sarah and little lily.
we watched tangled and pigged out on ice cream
{because i hadn't had enough that day?!}
and then my darling bestie jo showed up in town around midnight, hence our 2:15am bedtime.
we had a lot to catch up on, okay?
around 2:30am it was lights up for these nyc girls to prepare for our big day ahead.
our journey to the lady's mecca of the universe...
aka: carrie bradshaw's apt.

{cover image courtesy of pinterest}

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