Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i heart NY: {day 1}

well loves, i am back from new york city.
i came back kicking and screaming, but alas...i am back.
are you ready for the blogging daily diary again?
here we go...

i took the red eye out on Wednesday night with all these great intentions of sleeping and being bright eyed and ready to roar on Thursday, but as many of you who have taken red eyes before know, this doesn't really ever happen.
mainly because my legs are as long as a giraffe's and they don't really compact too easily into a small window seat.
also because united was doing free previews of the pilot episode of sleepy hollow and as a girl willing to bite at anything fallish these days, i watched it 2x straight through.
{it's good...set your DVRs for monday night on that one}
my plane landed around 6am and i have never been so thankful for my princess-like tendencies as i was that morning when the car i had ordered to pick me up from the airport arrived and did all the rest of the work.
within the hour we drove up to my darling friends brett & sarah's house in brooklyn, dropped my stuff off and headed out for my first day's adventure.

my first stop of the trip was the NHL store.  duh.
it is the only NHL store in the world and located on the bottom floor of the New York NHL headquarters.

while waltzing around i noticed a few very good looking men purchasing various items of fan-ware.
but more importantly as i looked over at the person leading them around the store, i noticed he was none other than current NHL commentator/past Chicago Blackhawks star Eddie Olczyk.
i froze.  naturally.
but finally got up the courage to ask him for a picture as he was leaving the store.
nicest guy.
i think he was a little surprised that a girl wearing hot pink with curls in her hair even knew who he was.
and not gonna lie, i am quite proud of myself for that one.

after my journey through hockey mecca i hopped over a few blocks to rockefeller center for lunch at PRET, my favorite little sandwich chain in the world.

and made my way across the courtyard to the Lego store,
and on over to Saks Fifth Avenue.
then i walked blocks and blocks and blocks taking in the sites of my favorite city while on my way down to the flatiron district to visit my fav girls at the kate spade on 5th.
as i was wandering around the store i noticed that her bow shoes i have been coveting on pinterest for months were...50% off!
meant to be? i think yes.
they had my size at the location on broome street so i jumped on the subway and made my first big nyc purchase.
i headed back up to union square for the giada de laurentiis book signing at the barnes & noble right across from union park.
i have met giada before but she is truly such a lovely person, that i wanted to totally fan out and meet her again.
seriously, if you ever get the chance to go to a book launch of hers, she is one of the most entertaining people to sit and listen to.
full of tons of energy and positivity and light.
b&n told us there would be a no picture taking policy because they wanted her to be able to meet everyone.
but she insisted on taking the time to do as many photos with as many people as wanted them.
she wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere and i loved that about her.

after the signing i was hungry and in no mood to stand in the 200 person line at the shake shack so i found this cute wrap place tucked away on a nearby street.
while sitting in the restaurant i checked my twitter only to find this message: a new york minute.
how in the world, out of alllll the days in the year to make a times square apperance, did she pick the one friday i was in town?
well loves, it's a little thing i like to call new york city magic.
one of the reasons i love that place with a real life love.
and since i suddenly had a 3am wake up call ahead of me, i headed on back to brooklyn for an early bedtime to gear up for my early start the next day.

dying to know what katy is really like?
i can give you one hint...TALL!
all the other details will be here tomorrow, 
along with my final 2013 halloween costume decision {!}, 
in day 2 of my new york adventure!

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