Wednesday, September 25, 2013

join me!

calling allllllllllllllllll my fashionistas!
awards season is officially underway thanks to the Emmy start this past Sunday and our first best & worst album is officially posted {HERE}.
i love all the emails and texts and twitter shout outs i get in terms of the anticipation and genuine enjoyment of the albums.
i also love the difference in opinions, which is where you might come into the picture now.
for my upcoming albums of our best & worst of the 2014 awards season, i want to get a couple more contributors on the chopping block with me.
it doesn't require too much effort on your part. 
what i am envisioning can mostly be compared to a written form of E!'s fashion police.

here is what you would need to do:
watch the red carpet {or review the looks}.
submit the ones you feel we should discuss.
i would then chose about 30-40 looks and email them to you.
you get back to me that day with your thoughts on the dress.
you can like it, dislike it, love it or leave it.
your opinion is your own and nothing else matters.
the turnaround time is quick {like a day}, but that really is the only "hard" part about it.
the upcoming albums would include the SAG awards, golden globes and, of course, the oscars.

if you ARE interested, please email me at
sooooo excited for our new adventure together.

{photograph by Francois Halard}

Sunday, September 15, 2013

i heart NY: {day 2}

after my morning hangout with KP, i did what the classiest of women do and stopped for breakfast in the times square mcdonald's.
which is an experience entirely on its own people.
never, EVER complain about your local micky-d's being busy,
you haven't seen anything until you have visited this one.
after some nourishment i walked the few blocks down to madison square garden,
home of the new york rangers, 
which i felt was my hockey fan duty.
i then walked back up along 6th and 5th and lexington and madison weaving in and out of the streets just to be out and about with everyone.
i sauntered past that little place of miracles on 34th street.
and ended up back at the nhl store.

after my purchase i went to st. patrick's cathedral which was, once again, under construction.
and then walked right across the street to my favorite palace hotel, 
aka: the home of the van der woodsen clan in gossip girl.
if you are planning a nyc trip, take note of this hotel.
it is tucked away among the buildings, like everything else in the city, but if you walk in it's like you quite literally have stepped into a european palace.
i like to just sit in the waiting area above the grand staircase overlooking the courtyard,
{the famed spot of many dan & serena moments on gg}
which then in turn overlooks the back of the cathedral.

after my royal foot break, i walked up 5th avenue and had a thought to see if bergdorf's had any available lunch reservations for the day at their 7th floor restaurant.
i looked them up and sure enough, they had a spot for me at noon!
new york magic for 100, anyone?
now, before you think me all super fancy, please note i ate at mcdonald's and subway the rest of my trip to be able to do this.
it has always been my dream.
the waldorf salad and view are much talked about around town.
the customer service was out of this world impressive.
they sat me at a table right along the window {!eek!}  
and then asked if i would rather have a black napkin than the white one at the place setting to better match my outfit.
excuse me, come again?
in the words of annie, i thought to myself, 
i think i'm gonna like it here.
the decor is vintage tables and chairs with wallpaper, 
think old new york.
you would have expected grace kelly herself to be sitting in the dining area with you.
my waiter, adham, was perhaps the best waiter i have ever had out of anywhere i have ever eaten in my whole life.
he could tell immediately that i was not from new york because i was far too nice to be a native new yorker, and kind of helped me out with the lay of the land around bg's.
the bread basket was divine
{and yes, the ladies in new york eat the carbs}
and the diet coke comes to you in cute BOTTLES!
{naturally i would be the girl won over by the diet coke presentation}
my food was brought out less than 5 minutes after i ordered,
and before you think waldorf salad as one with apples and citrus, think more of a finely chopped chef's salad that could blow your mind if this were humanly possible.
that might also have something to do with that fact that you are lunching on it while looking out at this.

i finished my meal on the note of a white chocolate pudding cake drizzled in caramel sauce with a scoop of peanut butter ice cream on the side.
and then because they are bergdorf's and an after meal mint is far too common, they bring you your check with a chocolate macaroon on the side.
i could have stayed forever, but alas, it was only 1pm, i had things to do.

and by things to do i mean walk on over to my fav spot on the upper east side, 
the street where bloomingdale's and dylan's collides!
i managed to keep room for my favorite frozen hot chocolate at dylan's candy bar {peanut butter buster} and sat at my favorite window spot overlooking the bloomingdale's shoppers across the street.
and yes, i always think of the opening scene in serendipity when i am there.
after i was thoroughly stuffed i wandered over to park to take a picture of the actual 666 park avenue for my brother, because that's just the way we roll in this family.
then it was time to run over to the kate spade flagship store on madison, 
4 floors of absolute girly perfection.

the store is in an old upper east side mansion and therefore is loosely decorated as an actual house, but with her things intertwined.
my favorites were these old library books about fashion that she had sitting on the coffee tables or on the shelves.
when i have a house of my own it will most likely look a little something like that.
so effortlessly chic, with a touch of fairytale intertwined.

after kate spade i walked west a bit to central park and got caught on this gosh awful road that took you all the way across the park without any outlet to get off the road.
so a 1/2 mile later, and now on the upper west side, my aching feet and i decided to do as the locals do and go back into central park for a nap.
i set my alarm, laid down and literally fell asleep.
waking up to the guy next to me proposing to his girlfriend.
magical city, right?

 after my nap i went out onto the upper west side and took columbus all the way down to lincoln center to scope out fashion week.
along the way i passed by two of my favorite places on the UWS:
the temple,
and the empire hotel.
{home of chuck bass in gossip girl}
nothing too exciting was happening at fashion week so i stepped into the duane reede behind lincoln center to buy shoe inserts {because i am 60} and bandaids to give my feet some much needed cpr.
i mean, they were going on 15 hours by this point, let's give them some credit. i then walked over to columbus circle to meander around the shops and go to bouchon bakery.
but i was so insanely tired that i couldn't fathom waiting for my food, so i left and hunched into a subway for some immediate sandwich gratification.
i hoped onto the train back to brooklyn for a girls night in with sarah and little lily.
we watched tangled and pigged out on ice cream
{because i hadn't had enough that day?!}
and then my darling bestie jo showed up in town around midnight, hence our 2:15am bedtime.
we had a lot to catch up on, okay?
around 2:30am it was lights up for these nyc girls to prepare for our big day ahead.
our journey to the lady's mecca of the universe...
aka: carrie bradshaw's apt.

{cover image courtesy of pinterest}

Saturday, September 14, 2013

dancing through the fire.

pretty promise i have more NYC posts coming.
but for tonight, we just need to ROAR people.

happy saturday night loves.
now go out and have some fun.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

i heart NY: {the teenage dream}

so you probably never want to join me on a vacation if your idea of getting away involves any sort of relaxation.
day 2 of nyc went from 4am - 2am {the next morning}.
this post is dedicated soley to the katy perry portion of my trip, 
because let's be honest, it deserves it's own segment.
and i have to admit there was a part of me that didn't want to go.
what if she wasn't the person i thought she was?
what if she was a total diva?
i mean, can you imagine people, 

yet regardless of my fear of dream shatterment, 
i got up to the alarm at 4am ready to figure out the whole good morning america situation.
i have done the today show once before, 
but with my school which meant zero to zilch of the prep to get us there involved me making decisions.
sometimes it's nice to be a kid, huh?
i rolled into times square around 5:30am and found them setting up for her smack dab in the middle of the street and was able to snag one of the last front row spots available.
and then i waited.
the set was like a tropical paradise in the middle of nyc which was kinda cool.
they even had taken over every electronic billboard in the square and put her name everywhere with images of leaves and jungle flowers and then a big countdown clock for her arrival at 8:00am.
need i remind you it was still 5:30 in the morning...eek!
but this was clearly not gma's first rodeo and they brought out poster board and markers for people to make signs and kept the music pumping and the people happy during the wait.
they also blasted ROAR through all of times square every little while.
i was in KP heaven.

all morning they kept telling us if she is late we will do this and if she is late we will do that.
but helllooo gma, this wasn't katy's first rodeo either, and as ever the professional, girlfriend pulled up in her black suv promptly at 8:00am.
as katy-licious as ever.
{as you saw on tv if you watched.}
she is the queen of a crowd.
and she is incredibly personable.
she once said in an interview that she remembers what it was like to be on the other side of the barriers.
to be the fan, rather than the famous girl.
and she never wants to forget how exciting it was as a fan to meet that person you had always wanted to meet, and so she tries to conduct herself in ways that she had always hoped the famous people she looked up to would do.
when it was her turn to walk across the street for the outside interview, while the anchors and such ran across to get ready for the segment, she took her sweet time signing autographs, greeting fans and taking selfies with their cameras.
she was a little late for her call to our part of the set, but nobody really cared.
she was going to make it well worth everyone's while.

and suddenly there she was less than 3 feet in front of me.
in her frida braids and her hoop earrings and her daisy dress and her knee highs.
ever the 5 year old in the 27 year old's body.
she is tall.
she is GORGEOUS.
she is just as funny as you think.
{she had robin wrapped around her finger by the end of it}
and she is as genuine as i had always hoped she would be.
there seemed to be a part of her that was bit shell shocked by it all.
at one point off camera she looked like a deer in headlights.
which made her all the more real.
i think when people begin to expect certain things, they lose a sense of self.
famous or not famous.
when it came my turn to meet her i have to admit i froze and it was all i could do to smile and wave.
she smiled and waved back.
it was enough for me.
and at least i came across as a "calm & collected" fan, rather than the girls next to me who were literally crying.
she did her segment announcing her new album cover,
{can we say stunning?} 
and a big music video contest she will be holding in the coming months.
after it was all said and done they had a path for her to safely get back to the studio, but she decided to go out into the crowd instead to meet more people and sign more autographs and take more pictures.
much like i had experienced the day before with giada, 
she was in no hurry to get back into her car and drive off.
she took her time with people.
she knelt down to get on the same level as the little kids.
and rather than people simply taking pictures of her, she would snap the phones out of people's hands and turn them around so they could be in the picture with her.
class act that katy perry.

and then bethenny frankel came out to talk about her new book,
i cared long enough to take this picture and then...
oops! i was over it.
sorry bfrank.
all in all, the morning was perfect.
if you watch the segment i even get to be on tv in the same frame as her. fate much?
i can't imagine a better fit than seeing my favorite person of all time smack dab in the middle of my favorite city of all time.
it's that new york city magic i am always ranting about.
in it's truest form.

ps- that halloween costume for this year...
a tiger!!!
duh. duh. duuuuhhh.
it will be very katy perry-esque.
think stripes and glitter and wild hair...oh my!
and i will have to carry my katy-roar sign they gave us at the show around in my trick or treat bag.
i have basically come to terms with the fact that i will probably just be a version of katy perry each halloween for the rest of my life.
one of my besites is potentially going to be a lion,
as well as my sissy-in-law.
we are basically going to be a walking katy campaign.
like, could my brother have picked a better woman to marry?
i think not. 
watch're gonna hear us roar!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i heart NY: {day 1}

well loves, i am back from new york city.
i came back kicking and screaming, but alas...i am back.
are you ready for the blogging daily diary again?
here we go...

i took the red eye out on Wednesday night with all these great intentions of sleeping and being bright eyed and ready to roar on Thursday, but as many of you who have taken red eyes before know, this doesn't really ever happen.
mainly because my legs are as long as a giraffe's and they don't really compact too easily into a small window seat.
also because united was doing free previews of the pilot episode of sleepy hollow and as a girl willing to bite at anything fallish these days, i watched it 2x straight through.
{it's good...set your DVRs for monday night on that one}
my plane landed around 6am and i have never been so thankful for my princess-like tendencies as i was that morning when the car i had ordered to pick me up from the airport arrived and did all the rest of the work.
within the hour we drove up to my darling friends brett & sarah's house in brooklyn, dropped my stuff off and headed out for my first day's adventure.

my first stop of the trip was the NHL store.  duh.
it is the only NHL store in the world and located on the bottom floor of the New York NHL headquarters.

while waltzing around i noticed a few very good looking men purchasing various items of fan-ware.
but more importantly as i looked over at the person leading them around the store, i noticed he was none other than current NHL commentator/past Chicago Blackhawks star Eddie Olczyk.
i froze.  naturally.
but finally got up the courage to ask him for a picture as he was leaving the store.
nicest guy.
i think he was a little surprised that a girl wearing hot pink with curls in her hair even knew who he was.
and not gonna lie, i am quite proud of myself for that one.

after my journey through hockey mecca i hopped over a few blocks to rockefeller center for lunch at PRET, my favorite little sandwich chain in the world.

and made my way across the courtyard to the Lego store,
and on over to Saks Fifth Avenue.
then i walked blocks and blocks and blocks taking in the sites of my favorite city while on my way down to the flatiron district to visit my fav girls at the kate spade on 5th.
as i was wandering around the store i noticed that her bow shoes i have been coveting on pinterest for months were...50% off!
meant to be? i think yes.
they had my size at the location on broome street so i jumped on the subway and made my first big nyc purchase.
i headed back up to union square for the giada de laurentiis book signing at the barnes & noble right across from union park.
i have met giada before but she is truly such a lovely person, that i wanted to totally fan out and meet her again.
seriously, if you ever get the chance to go to a book launch of hers, she is one of the most entertaining people to sit and listen to.
full of tons of energy and positivity and light.
b&n told us there would be a no picture taking policy because they wanted her to be able to meet everyone.
but she insisted on taking the time to do as many photos with as many people as wanted them.
she wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere and i loved that about her.

after the signing i was hungry and in no mood to stand in the 200 person line at the shake shack so i found this cute wrap place tucked away on a nearby street.
while sitting in the restaurant i checked my twitter only to find this message: a new york minute.
how in the world, out of alllll the days in the year to make a times square apperance, did she pick the one friday i was in town?
well loves, it's a little thing i like to call new york city magic.
one of the reasons i love that place with a real life love.
and since i suddenly had a 3am wake up call ahead of me, i headed on back to brooklyn for an early bedtime to gear up for my early start the next day.

dying to know what katy is really like?
i can give you one hint...TALL!
all the other details will be here tomorrow, 
along with my final 2013 halloween costume decision {!}, 
in day 2 of my new york adventure!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


you may not watch the show sex and the city 
{it's my lifeline, but i totally understand not everyone's cup of tea}
but you probably know the framework of 4 best friends living and loving in nyc.
while one of the friends, charlotte, the park avenue princess born to be mother of the year, discovers she can't get pregnant, simultaneously another of the friends, miranda, your quintessential midtown, hard hitting, no excuses lawyer discovers by an accidental trist with her ex, she is pregnant.
miranda initially doesn't want the baby.
charlotte can't understand how she could be so selfish.
and thus begins the underlying thoughts of one of the biggest causes of inadequacy or superiority among women...
the i have children/i do not have children issue.

i am a 26 year old woman madly in love with the life she has created.
i have a family i can laugh with and trust, a gaggle of girlfriends and boy-friends who i sometimes stand back in awe of the fact that they chose me to ride along on this crazy journey with them.
i have an incredible job.
i have things in my life that a girl can sometimes only dream of calling her own.
i have traveled the world and loved truly and have met both oprah & katy perry, clearly very important.
i have a great life.
but never at anytime have i ever felt my singledom gave me rights of superiority among my friends who chose a different path.
everyone chooses what is best for them in their own good time.
have i had the chance to go about things differently?
but never has it been enough to go completely with...yet.
i admire these friends' worlds.
they are women who are strong enough to raise the future leaders and difference makers right now in their lives.
truth be told, there are times when i envy them.
because to the common eye i might have it all, 
but i would give it all up for that little bit more.
i would do it in a heartbeat.

which is why, although i am hardly one to be easily offended, 
the one thing i absolutely have no barrier against in terms of my feelings and hurt is the children factor.
a little while back i had a conversation with a friend.
a good friend.
a friend whom i love and adore and who i respect immensely.
which in my opinion, is the very best kind of friend.
the conversation was completely normal until a suggestion of mine lead to this friend suddenly feeling the need to belittle my earnest opinion. 
{totally fine, not everyone thinks the way i think}
but she did so on the foundation that because i am not a mother,
i couldn't possibly understand.
{true to an extent} 
and therefore my opinion was utterly wrong.
now whether it was this friend's intention or not, i can assure you: 
the statement stung me to my very core.
it was all i could do to very politely excuse myself from the conversation before my tears started.
tears of frustration and tears that brought up ideas and thoughts of inadequacy i have spent years trying to push through.
i welcome respectful disagreement.
i create the details of my life based on others opinions that are different than my own.
what i refuse to accept are the instances in which people believe my opinion to be a lesser one than theirs simply because i don't live in their same circumstance.
why does one of us have to be on a pedestal and one of us flat on the ground?

as women we like to compare.
for some reason it seems all too common to get a high off an ill realization that you are better than her.
we can be quite vicious to each other.
sometimes with intent and sometimes without.
this is my instance.
while yours might be the same, it might be different.
it happens to us all.
the working mom thinks the stay at home mom is lazy.
the stay at home mom thinks the working mom is unfeeling.
the chubby girl thinks the thin girl is anorexic.
the thin girl thinks the chubby girl can't take care of herself.
the single girl thinks the married girl to be silly.
the married girl thinks the single girl to be selfish.
but at what point on our paths did we switch the need to be understanding for this need to be right?
why can't the choices we make be our own and the unique viewpoints that coincide appreciated?
we cast stones at others glass houses based on our own personal principles.
but no one person is the same.
and usually opinions follow suit.

in every way that friend was quite literally right.
i am NOT a mother.
i do not share that viewpoint in life, as much as i hope for it.
but this doesn't make me stupid.
and this doesn't make me silly.
and i'll be damned if that makes me any less of an accomplished person.


{photo via pinterest}